SOPA isn't dead, it's back on

House Judiciary Committee Chair Lamar Smith (R-TX) has vowed to resume his markup hearings in February. (Thanks, Adam!)


  1. Maybe the hearing will be on February 15th; since that’ll be 28 Days Later.  Washington loves a zombie.

    1. I think this is the main reason, that Lamar is taking it personally. The actual merits of the bill are now moot – this is now a question of HONOR for him.

        1. @google-c5868c47252dbe2d7b51541d5f7b6f51:disqus I am sure that also plays a role, but I think this is more a case of ego. That, and the way President Obama threatened to veto the bill must also have played a role in his decision.The size of the anti-SOPA protest and the large number of defectors must have stung, and his behaviour fits the stereotype of the modern conservative Texan politician: winning trumps being right, compromise is for sissies.

          1. Link for the Obama veto threat please?

            IIRC, Obama expressed dislike for IP/DNS blocking, but no veto threat.

          2. quoted from the article to which you linked:

            “It remains to be seen, amidst this sweeping bribery of public officials, if the Obama administration would truly be willing to veto a bill like SOPA/PIPA.”

          3. Scumbags like Lamar Smith who would rather sell our country’s interests for personal gain do not have any honor.

  2. It seems pretty clear that this jerk’s retirement is based upon passage of this thing.  I’m sure if he gets it through, he gets a nice cushy do-nothing job for the rest of his days.

    He is not going to give up easily.  None of them are.  What a completely fucked up system we have.

  3. Those bribes are not free.  If congressmen don’t do their job and pass industry written laws that are completely against their constituents wishes, what exactly are they bribing them for?  It seems pretty reasonable that Lamer is willing to get on with it and get that law passed.

    1. If you’re going to bug your Texas folks about something, bug them to find someone to oppose him in the R primary.  Call his bill “big government run amok”.  That should pull the baggers out of their hidey-holes.

  4. It´s so absurd how this is the exact opposite of what his job supposedly is, namely to represent the people. The people´s voice has been raised and the message is unmistakeable. It doesn´t get much more clear-cut than this, shithead.

      1. Corporations are people. But they are people that cannot die. And they are people that suck the life out of other people.


  5. What’s that saying about how democracy breaks down when the people realise they can just keep voting themselves free money?

    A similar thing happened with Capitalism; the corporations discovered their wealth could be used to ensure greater and continued wealth by buying the politicians and circumventing that pesky ‘one person one vote’ thing.

    What we seem to keep experiencing of late, is democracide at the hands of the corporations.

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