Colbert explains how to deal with Internet censorship protests

Stephen Colbert provides some perspective on the net-wide blackouts yesterday, as well as some alternatives in case the Internet needs to stand up for itself again. Now I've got to find that video of Vader eating cheesy bread...


    1. Yeah, that’s how it reads from Edinburgh, too.  I wish Colbert wasn’t banned here, it’s always his stuff we don’t get to see.

    2. As a UKer, I’ve found a way around this that’s only slightly bothersome.

      * Sign up to Raptor VPN (it’s free),  
      * Connect to it and reload the page,
      * Once the video starts playing, turn off the VPN if it’s being too slow (the location check only happens at the beginning).

      If there’s a better way, I’m not aware of it yet….

  1. Ugh, I wish Colbert and Daily Show clips actually worked in Canada. The Comedy Network website is shit… and they wonder why people download the show on torrents.

    1. And the links never follow through. It should just take you to this video on whatever server is in the right place to stream to me. Fuckers. 

      1. That’s the first line of the troll’s lament. After establishing their longtime-reader credentials, they usually make some complaint about Zeni, Marc and Corey.

    1. What did they sell out to? I’m curious because I have only checked the site for about 4 years and did not recognize the moment when they sold out to anything.

      1.  I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t bother saying this, but @satn:disqus was clearly joking – he made it explicit by referring to hipster stuff (hipsters stereotypically liking things “before they were cool”).

        But even so, clearly what they sold out to was Big Banana.

  2. Could we all just promise not to post Colbert videos from the official source since they’re always blocked outside of the America?

  3. Actually, while we’re on the de facto region-coding of stuff, is there any way to redirect y’alls’ wonderful book recommendations’ Amazon links to the UK Amazon site when clicked on from the UK?  I’m guessing nothing straightforward but hoping for a greasemonkey ninja to drop from the proverbial ceiling to answer my call…

    1. It’s definitely nothing fancy, but their database pointers are shared. So you can just change the ‘.uk‘ to ‘m‘.


  4. Colbert’s characterization of Boing Boing is, to me, reminiscent of Geraldo Rivera’s characterization of the Comedy Central network as “clips of old people falling down”.  The key difference being, of course, that Geraldo Rivera was not trying to be funny.

    1. My pedantic tendencies require me to correct my own poor recollection with facts.  In early August 2006, on the Fox News show “The O’Reilly Factor”, Geraldo Rivera asserted that Comedy Central hosts Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert “make a living putting on video of old ladies slipping on ice and people laughing”.  The correct quote is so much more incisive.

  5. To all blocked users – (I’m one of you in Canada), may I humble suggest tunnelbear? Its a great VPN app easily useable by IT semi-literates like me and you get 500mb per month free which is plenty for the occasional comedy central clip.

    1. I have just installed TunnelBear and it works flawlessly. Nice wood-grain retro finish too. Thanks!

      1. I love it. FYI If you twitter a phrase they specify (something about loving tunnelbear I seem to remember) they give you another 1Gb for the month though it doesn’t roll over if you don’t use it. I have a twitter account I only use for that!

        I’ve just noticed I’m incredibly tight.

  6. It seems that the censorship video has been censored,not available in your location, That sounds like    “you dont need to know, move along now little prole.”

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