The Young Knives "Human Again" (MP3 download)


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  1. BonkoTheTalkingMime says:

    Thanks for this!  I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and it hits the spot right on the head!  With a big hammer!  Maybe even using a small spike to be more precise.  Anyway…thanks again!

  2. Is this seriously ONLY available on iTunes? No other MP3 store? I love this band and have all their other albums, but iTunes is useless for me. :(

    EDIT: Answered my own question, their own store has it available for purchase in English money. Yay!

    • J Jystad says:

      Thank you Paul. I was about to ask the same thing. I haven’t heard them before but I like what I hear and I want more. But I don’t buy off iTunes for a variety of reasons.

      I *very much* prefer to buy from the artist directly.

      Now if only they offered other formats too, I keep telling artists I would gladly pay more for FLAC. *sigh*

    • Amy Seidenwurm says:

      Hey Paul – thanks for supporting music by paying for it! The band asked me to link to iTunes, but I’m glad to hear there are other ways to get the record.

      • J Jystad says:

        You should let the band know that there is a market for higher quality downloadables, especially ones that are not saddled with DRM. No criticism of the band intended, I’d just like to be able to buy direct from the band, give them real money instead of whatever idiotically small royalty they get, and ideally get loss-less files.

  3. jansob says:

    You can also buy the import cd from Amazon, if the physical cd is ok.

    • J Jystad says:

      Yeah, that is what I end up doing a great deal of the time, just so I can get a better quality file. I would love to buy FLAC, or even non-drm AAC, and skip the physical media. Ah well, maybe someday.

  4. robuluz says:

    I didn’t know John Hodgman was in the Buzzcocks?

  5. Bodhipaksa says:

    I haven’t liked much of the music that BoingBoing has featured, but this is excellent. Duly purchased (from iTunes, I’m afraid — I hadn’t realized I could download from the band’s site).

  6. morgane says:

    but oh, this is so last april! no seriously the physical cd isn’t bad to look at. It’s their LA album, produced by Nick Launey. But I prefered their second album Superabundance to this one. Get the british copy: it’s distributed by PIAS  which was burned to the ground during the  London Riots last august.  Better buy from an independent distributor who needs it than from iTunes…

  7. Love the utterly redundant (thanks to scale) audio waveforms of the track. This one looks like a tampon created by an industrial designer. (wonder if it sounds like one).

  8. ptwheatstraw says:

    I’m glad to see these guys get some publicity, and thanks everyone for showing where I can get the album without going the itunes route.

  9. Richard Britton says:

    these guys are so much fun live, please see them if you get the chance… the sense of humour is decidedly english and they love to tear shreds off each other. a very cool band which manages to be funny without being a novelty.

  10. robuluz says:

    OK so that song is unbelievably catchy and I got the album. I also checked out some of their other stuff, and discovered “Current of the River”, my new favourite song of all time. Don’t know how I missed these guys, maybe a new new wave haze of Franz Ferdinand and Kasabian or something. Making up for lost time now.

  11. ericfrederich says:

    I like the “sound it out” do-dad.  It prevents me from listening to garbage.  I can tell you right now how bad it sounds.  It has no fidelity at all.

  12. excellent – ashby-de-la-zouch. not far from there is a place called ‘burton lazars’ – which, if you add an exclamation mark, sounds like the finale to a magic trick.

  13. jeligula says:

    I, for one, welcome our new punk-inflected power pop overlords.

  14. scotchmi_st says:

    I’d just like to say how much I enjoy this Sound It Out series.

  15. The new album is available on if you’re browsing from a European location, but when you log in with a US account, it’s not available.  

    Why would they do that?  It seems to me it doesn’t cost anything more to release the album worldwide through all digital retailers. Maybe they have an exclusive online agreement with iTunes for the US?

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