When the sky crashed in Odessa

This 2009 image captures the scene on a foggy night in Odessa, Ukraine, when a digital billboard crashed and displayed a floating error warning in the night sky.

Windows Error Box Floating in the Air (5 pics) (Thanks, Fipi Lele!)


  1. Holy crap. The error box appears so crisp, is this definitely real? If so, I’m amazed this isn’t a more common advertising method, though the atmospheric conditions must have been pretty advantageous.

    I just hope someone saw that right after watching the Matrix on acid.The site was very slow loading for me… they might get swamped by the traffic pretty quickly.

    Edit… ah, I thought it was being projected onto the clouds, not realizing it was just a screen obscured by the fog. Still awesome effect.

  2. The sky above the port was the color of a television, tuned to a dead channel Windows, displaying an error message.

  3. There’s no way this is not shopped.  Projecting onto clouds would not give you anything like a clean image.  Also the amount of power required would be ridiculous; many times more than the average searchlight.  And if you were pumping out that much light, there would be an easily visible beam going up to where the clouds were due to moisture in the air.

    1. It wasn’t projected. The fog and clouds were so thick you couldn’t see any of the structure of the animated billboard. So it *appeared* as if its images were floating in the sky.

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