Puppets re-enact no-cameras-allowed corruption trial on the nightly news

Channel 19 in Akron, Ohio was disappointed that it wouldn't be allowed to take cameras into the corruption trial of Jimmy Dimora, a former county commissioner. But when life gives you SARS, you make sarsaparilla: they bring the courtroom proceeding to their viewers' TV sets by re-enacting them with puppets. As Lowering the Bar notes, "I think that all court proceedings should be reported in this way, but would settle for either puppet coverage of arguments in the U.S. Supreme Court or a full reenactment of the Rod Blagojevich trial."

News Team Not Allowed to Film in Courtroom; Turns to Puppetry Instead


  1. Supreme Court proceedings obviously require re-enactment through Kabuki but for corruption trials, I’d recommend Noh.

    1. Upon further reflection, and considering the current make up of the Supremes, I believe Interpretive Dance would be most appropriate.

  2. There are compelling cases to be made on due process grounds for banning television coverage of criminal trials (which is to say, banning 12-second summaries interrupted three times by 3-second sound bites). Defendants have every right to avoid being tried in the media, and you can’t sequester every single jury. Then again, a lot of those reasons fall apart by the time you’re talking about appellate courts or the Supreme Court.

    That said, it’s nice to see a local news show taking the trouble to, well, do any fucking thing at all related to the news. Most local news programs would be ten times better if they put in a tenth the effort it must have taken just to round up the puppets for this segment.

    1. Yeah, I can respect the idea of not allowing cameras for every court case. Plus, this is hilarious, and I’m glad they are giving it attention.

  3. A muppet prostitute tossing its head back in pleasure as money is stuffed down its top.

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

  4. btw; this is a cleveland ohio station. chan 19 is stationed in downtown cleveland and serves the surrounding areas.

  5. I’ll betcha they took this idea from Keith Olbermann, who started doing Puppet Theatre on his MSNBC show 4 or 5 years ago. Who he took it from, I don’t know.

    “If this is anybody but Steve Allen, you’re stealing my joke!” — Krusty the Clown

  6. Channel 19 in Cleveland isn’t exactly the most high brow station.  They started out as the Fox affiliate, then swapped with Channel 8 when they dropped CBS.

    Akron had much better stations, but they died off because we’re part of their TV market, and the Cleveland stations dominate our area. And we get puppet theatre! yah!

  7. …they had sex or something along those lines (*edit*a la Clinton)… I said, are you nuts, why did you tell her that?

    Harvard writers can’t tap these gems.

  8. It sounds like the puppets were at the end of the newscast. So it wasn’t like this was their main coverage of the story.
    However, I’ll paraphrase Mcluhan,  The muppet is the message

  9. I was born in ’64. For years, all anyone ever saw of a trial was an artist’s sketch of the proceedings.  Now that would be a fascinating read….”I Drew Bundy”. 

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