Newt 2012 sticker: "America is my wife now"


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  1. But he wants to know if it’s okay if he sees other countries. It’s not clear if it’s okay with him if we see other Presidents.

  2. jtcarroll says:

    And tonight, America, it’s Newt’s turn to be on top.

  3. quietstorms says:

    It says a lot about the SC Republican party that they would vote for him. 

  4. A Nonny Moose says:

    Do we get to divorce him if we catch him in bed with China?

  5. Jim Saul says:

    Best comment I saw last night…

    Overheard at Newt victory party: “What’s with the bowl full of keys?”

  6. urbanspaceman says:

    Newt’s probably got no chance of winning the presidency. However, I can just see the Republican dream ticket: Palin/Gingrich 2016.

  7. irksome says:

    “Newt Gingrich: Preserving the sanctity of marriage again and again and again…”

  8. subhan says:

    So he’s going to screw us repeatedly than run off to be president of some other country while America lays sick & dying?

  9. Mofo Ex-Machina says:

    Maybe he will liberalize plural marriage.

  10. charlie.gibson says:

    In that case, we better vaccinate against every major disease, because if we get sick, he’ll leave us.

  11. irksome says:

    If by “elected” you mean “bitch”, well then okay.

  12. MadRat says:

    “…I have only had one mistress, and her name is propane.” -Hank Hill

  13. BarBarSeven says:

    Whether it be Newt or Mitt, both are four letter words that equal SHIT!

    • annomination says:

      if you are going to talk about definitions, santorum is a combination of shit, lube, and semen in some kind of frothy mixture.

  14. Helljin says:

    Calista is his wife but she said he can fuck America all he wants.

  15. skyhawk1 says:

    He promised his first wife for better or worse.
    He promised his second wife for richer or for poorer
    He promised his third wife in sickness and in health
    America should pass on the last part. 

  16. Jonathan Cantin says:

    I really don’t care about other people personal life. They can do whatever they want. Except when this person is a republican. Then I need to tell everyone I know about his life twice a day. Ohh… no I’m not inconsistant I’m doing this because that republican is campagning on conservative ground so I want to remind people about is none conservative life you know.

    • Steven James says:

      The reason why they are bashing it on him for the most part is because he did it to Bill Clinton during his presidency.

      Not saying it’s right but figure I point that out.

    • 666beast1 says:

      If you want to make laws governing peoples lives: abortion  gay marriage, introduce religion into government  you had better be prepared to have your private life discussed.

    • princeminski says:

      I beg your pardon?

    • eyebeam says:

       I don’t either, but Newt, and a heck of a lot of Republicans, seem to have an inordinate interest in controlling other people’s personal lives. So when we find out they’re conducting their personal lives in ways that they would sanctimoniously berate others for doing, even using the power of law to punish them for it, then, yes, it’s open season on their peccadilloes.

  17. 666beast1 says:

    And he will f*ck only America until a younger prettier country comes along.

    • That_Anonymous_Coward says:

      So why the hell aren’t we using the tried and true troll method of making up a fake profile for another country and flirting with him online so he makes a fool of himself?

      • 666beast1 says:

        Classified: Young, blond, country seeks bloated, self-important ethically challenged man for  presidency.  You will be fed like a king while you pontificate and bluster. Light duties, lots of vacation time, opportunitie$ aplenty.

  18. lknope says:

    It might work out a bit better for America if she were his mistress instead.

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