Inside SpaceX's Dragon

When it heads into orbit this year, SpaceX's Dragon will be the first private spacecraft to visit the International Space Station. It won't be carrying tourists, but you can explore it now thanks to a panoramic view published by the company. [SpaceX]


  1. Unless I am reading it wrong this thing seems to have too many sharp edges and exposed metal surfaces to be a man carrying vehicle. I suppose it could be an unmanned vehicle. Its lot lots of lockers for storing things, for sure.

    Stanley Kubrick would have loved all the professional looking identity labels on things.

  2. If you keep looking straight up and rotate around you will catch three different backdrops that have been used during the shooting of this panorama (…besides getting dizzy (!)).

    Amongst all the other impressive and unique feelings the astronauts get when they launch into space, they will now be able to add “that feeling you get when you switch from the Space Shuttle to the Dragon for the first time” :-/

  3. Noctilucent,

    I shot this series of panoramas for SpaceX, so I can tell you exactly where the camera is! 

    We positioned the camera in the center of the Dragon capsule for most of the shots, on a tripod. But when we started opening the hatches on the floor, there was no longer a place for the tripod to stand. We then shot a series of photos with the tripod elevated off the floor (by inserting the legs into the rigging on the sides). It was makeshift, but it worked extremely well. 

    There is a TON of Photoshop magic hiding how all of that came together, but we’re really proud of it. 

    You can see more of our PictureBubbles° work at

    —Josh Korwin

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