Trailer for Die Antwoord's upcoming "TEN$ION" album

[Video Link] This just hit the internet today. TEN$ION, the South African band's new album scheduled out February 7, will be their first release since breaking up with Interscope.


  1. I always regret clicking ‘play’ on DIe Antwoord’s videos…. as amazingly creative and well-produced as they are, THEY FREAK ME THE FUCK OUT.

    1. So, by the way, I asked them in LA not long ago if they had ever seen True Blood, or were familiar with the “black eye” transformation from that TV series. They hadn’t, and they weren’t. Absolutely do not question their word on that, they’re sweet and sincere people. It’s funny how sick minds sometimes think alike!

      1. Oh, it’s possible they haven’t, I was just having a snipe.  Ek fok maar met julle.

        An aside, as a South African (expat), it’s very amusing to see the cultural impenetrability their act seems to have to foreign audiences.  One of the quirks that seems to confound foreigners is that Afrikaans and English-speaking white South Africans are very different and rather insular cultural groups with some historical political and class friction between them.  Tudor-Jones affectation of a poor Afrikaner identity is rather provocative in and of itself, rather like a New Yorker affecting a Deep South redneck persona, but more extreme in terms of provocation.  Afrikaners are very, very touchy about being looked down upon by “soutpiels” like me. That act will likely get them killed in a “Zef” establishment.

        1. “Soutpeils” is such a great word.  I learned it from an Afrikaaner ex-pat I used to know. 

          1. I know a few Afrikaans expats here, and their reactions to Die Antwoord and Jack Parow were mixed. The more, uh,  internationalised ones thought they were hilarious, and the more staid ones considered them to be sort of a Stepin Fetchit-level embarrassment.  Dis fokken kompleks.

      2. The black eye trope precedes True Blood. Lyta Alexander’s eyes turned all black in Babylon 5 whenever the Vorlons were yanking her chain. Mid 1990s.

        1. And don’t forget Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Willow! Eyes went black every time she went into evil-mode.

          Oh yeah, and the alien in the X-Files that travels via black oil and blackens Krycek’s eyeballs.

          Mmmm, tropey visuals.

  2. Their use of provocative imagery is becoming a pose which is exactly the moment when it shifts to being unauthentic and repetitive. Seems they have a hard time finding a new stance.

  3. I wish there were other bands that got their every single move covered by Boing Boing. Don’t really get what the big deal is about these guys, and even if I did, it’s a very annoying pet interest that Boing Boing has. #occupy, 3D printing, and most of the other obsessions that BB has are at least interesting. Cover this band obsessively, fine, but why not other (read as “better”) bands, also?

      1. Right, because this stuff is sooo much more advanced than typical pop music. In this trailer alone, they manage to show how they are capable of writing lyrics beyond the asinine, repetitive, and virtually meaningless and beats that are totally not just the same sort-of trance thing that everyone on Top 40 has been doing for the past couple of years.

        I only listen to nature sounds. I’m way cooler than you.

      1. I realize you cover other music, but to the same obsessive length as these guys?

        If by “lame” you mean “having tastes which disagree with yours” then yes, I am, and I’m terribly sorry. I’ll try to be cool enough to like this super edgy, completely unmatched in indie cred (who would have ever thought to release one’s own record [Ani DiFranco’s a start]), who-cares-if-the-music’s-any-good-I-love-the-image group next time.

        1. By lame, I mean it’s silly to troll up a post where an individual is sharing something they enjoy, rather than hitting the space bar and checking out any of the many other posts we publish about other bands, including folk and alt-rock acts in the general vein of Ani DiFranco. 

          We don’t tolerate unproductive crabbiness around here.

          1. Perhaps he is but at least it avoids having Boing Boing sound like an echo chamber. :-)

            And I agree with you Ms. Jardin, Boing Boing is one of my go to web sites for music discovery.

          2. You are absolutely correct – BoingBoing has always been a publication where the various contributors have shared things that they felt were awesome or important in whatever way they chose. Keep showing us your personal side. If I want specialty I’ll check out or Until then, keep serving up a heaping helping of weird and amazing things, and keep the lasagna flying.
            I only discovered the awesomeness of Anri and Waddy’s fantastic artistic past because of you. Can’t thank you enough for the exposure.

    1. “#occupy, 3D printing, and most of the other obsessions that BB has are at least interesting to HipsterFriend“.

      There, I fixed it for you.

      1. In my opinion, it’s explicit that what I say is my opinion because I’m saying it and these are obviously not matters of fact. To me.

        That’s how I see it, anyway.

      1. I saw them here in DC last year and it was a great, albeit very short, set.  Can’t wait to see what this tour brings.

  4. Pitchfork hit the nail on the head – they call this music genre ” Freak Rap”
    – In my opinion it’s about right.

    In South Africa, we are not as crazy about these guys as the folk in Europe and the USA.
    In reality Die Antwoord have taken bits and pieces out of South African culture and recycled it into a scary monster.

    By the way, there’s a lot of this kind of stuff going on here at the moment.
    Check out Spoek Mathambo’s version of “She’s Lost Control”

    There’s a lot of crazy crossover coming out of SA right now and personally I think it’s an amazing place to be right now. You can do anything.

    Die Antwoord is not original, but they are fun.
    And if you are all wondering where the idea for the video came from, I think you can credit the highly underrated Jane Alexander.
    Attached is a piece of hers called the “Butcher Boys” a sculpture from 1985/6
    It’s in the National Gallery in Cape Town. Go and see it. It’s great

    1. And if you are all wondering where the idea for the video came from, I think you can credit the highly underrated Jane Alexander.

      I think that you can credit Agaliarept, who vastly precedes 1985/6.

    2. I believe I blogged that Spoek Mathambo video when it came out. Big fan. Am familiar with some of the artists you mention, but not others — thanks for sharing!

  5. The band is [expletive deleted]* great.

    Interscope couldn’t release the album because they are trying to appease the prudes at Wal*Mart.

    [expletive deleted] that.

    Releasing this album on the internet is the proper response to this commercial anodyne.

    I will be buying this oeuvre [at ] as soon as it finally gets released, and I wish it well for the same reason that I bought Louis C.K.’s show [at ].

    The rebellion against the imposition of morés by the very small portion of the 1%ers who rent time to the rest of the 1%ers on their big media 1:N megaphones is coming despite their best of the worst efforts (SOPA/PIPA/NDAA [ .])

    The 1%er are trying to appeal to a supposed mass (enough unquestioning people to provide them with enough income for their broken business model) and appease the 99%ers while snuffing out the internet, a communication medium which would overwhelm them with demand.

    I wish only the best to any and every artist who goes against the grain, and most art is made against the grain.

    Its about time they were chased out the temple (and my body is my temple.)

    *) and I am well aware of the hypocrisy of my self-censorship, but its being done to not let the expletives detract from the dialog.

  6. The make-up is almost certainly a visual reference of Jane Alexander’s ‘beasty boys’. The band members have been known the the Cape art scene for a while and that work  of Jane’s is famous enough for most art savvy South African’s to immediately recognise the resemblance – blacked out eyes and all. I would be curious to know if they involved her in the creative process…. I hope so! She deserves some credit.

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