Vermin Supreme: strong teeth for a strong America

Meet presidential candidate Vermin Supreme, the tyrant you should trust. He's wearing a boot as a hat and he knows what's best for you. If you let him control your life, you'll enjoy mandatory daily toothbrushing, free ponies for all Americans, fantastic wordplay and zombie energy generation. Stick around for the end when he glitterbombs fellow candidate Randall Terry in an attempt to make him gay.

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    1. This is inevitable: a 2-party system (a.k.a. lesser-of-two-evils system) is a race to the bottom. Sooner of later, a joke candidate is going to look pretty good by comparison.

  1. He’d at least STAY bought, unlike all those flip-floppers on the SOPA/PIPA.

    And hey, OPEN, DIRECT Nanny State!

  2. He’s really coming up in the polls, too! In the 2008 presidential election he got 43 votes, but in the 2012 New Hampshire Democratic Primary (referenced in the video), he got fully 831 votes. Barack Obama still won with 49,xxx – but hey, 43 to 831 (in a primary, no less) is incredible growth.

    I’ll start converting my extra bedroom into a stable now.

    @boingboing-f4ae163e87a012d4ab5106f993decb4c:disqus  – Unfortunately Terry looks about as dour as anyone can while having glitter dumped on them.

  3. The most credible presidential candidate for 2012 I have seen yet. He would get my vote, if I had one. I’m not an American, thank golly.
    Oh well, who knows. The inauguration is January 20th, 2013. That’s a month after the scheduled end of the world as we know it. So, it makes no difference really, I guess.

        1. BoingBoing has two mottoes I love:
          1) Happy Mutants
          2) A directory of wonderful things

          This qualifies as both. And it’s a moment of joy amidst the usual sad reality.

          1. @boingboing-047120fa7417b3d37a0573e8a24c9e43:disqus , quit dodging the question!
            Did you or did you not receive a pony via Vermin Supreme?

            Because I want one, dammit!!!

      1. One thing that most people do not realize is that you do not need the government to give you a free pony. You can buy it right now with your own money, or you can pay the local riding club for riding lessons and ride one without owning it.

        So, isn’t Vermin either a communist or a nazi for promising free ponies? (I know that in USA everyone is a communist or nazi if he/she says something others don’t like.) A true American patriot buys a pony right a way, supporting the local pony-growing industry and creating jobs, nourishing the economy etc.

        1. I think your confusing terms if you throw in communists with a fascist group that started out, if anything, fighting communists. They are nearly ideological opposites (even though both have been taken to an extreme that was detrimental to say the least).

          1. Dear Jakeh, I do not assume you’d get a free pony from nazis (that are a separate group from fascists, I would say). Communists might give you one, though. However, in order to really implement the policies enabling a pony-based economy, you would need to be a dictator. As you know, the Nazi Germany also implemented strange measures with the power of dictatorship. 

            Actually, socialism and national socialism have a lot in common (in the way they were actually implemented), which made USSR and Germany great allies in 1939-41. 

            The most important reason for calling somebody a nazi is because you disagree with their opinions, especially political ones. I have noticed that many have called Barack Obama both a nazi and a communist because they did not approve of Obama’s health care plans.

        2. isn’t Vermin either a communist or a nazi

          Hmm… still sounds better than most republicans and many democrats.

          And….. I want a FREE pony, ya hear?

  4. I’m a closed captioner for the hearing impaired and I had the honor and privilege of trying to keep my shit together while captioning Mr. Supreme.  After weeks of captioning CSPAN’s Iowa carcasses coverage with all the Santorum speeches, Romney rallies and whatever the fuck it is Michele Bachmann does when her mouth opens and closes, it was a genuine pleasure.  But it was really hard not to laugh.

  5. Finally, a candidate who’s not afraid to speak the truth about both moral and oral decay.

  6. “…in spirit and incisors..” The Rhino Party lives!

    What is the “addictive yet inoffensive substance”?  Water?

  7. Why the British are WAY ahead of us, in this department:

  8. It is no surprise that while looking at video, many people think “this guy makes much more sense than most of the GOP candidates”. And I do, too.

    I know that Vermin Supreme is a comedian and a performance artist of sort. At the same time, he seems like an intelligent person who has ideals and courage, he is not just a one-dimensional clown. I hope he gets elected to some office one day.

  9. Im hoping everyone is getting the analogies he makes.  Equating the ponies to the “real id” card, and the ridiculousness of the mandatory brushing of the teeth to mandatory healthcare and/or mandatory vaccines.  He calls himself a tyrant and evil because he mocks the other candidates.  I find him very entertaining and hope he keeps up the informing…

  10. Wow. If Ron Paul doesn’t make the GOP ticket, I’ve got my candidate for sure.

    This is really very good.

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