Christian Nightmares video performance in Philadelphia, Sat, January 28, 2012

[Video Link] I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I like this video, and I like the song with the uplifting lyrics about being left behind after the Rapture, too. I learned it is a popular song called "I Wish We'd All Been Ready," and it has been covered by a bunch of bands.

I think a longer version of this video will be played during an intermission at a club in Philadelphia called Johnny Brenda’s. Here are the event details.


  1. Boy, I sure hope someone covers The Great Atomic Power by the Louvin Bros at the show!

    “When the mushrooms of destruction fall in all their fury great, God will surely save His children from that awful, awful fate.”

  2. this is the song version from the rapture flick “a thief in the night”, it is the opening sequence which also shows the band playing the tune.
    update–lo and behold, here it is:

    you can watch the film on youtube.  i recommend it, but part 2, mark of the beast, is better because everyone gets beheaded for bad acting.

    the original version is by larry norman

    also, if the footage in the video looks like a film, then it would be from “the thief in the night” trilogy, or one of the few estus pirkle end times scare films, including the commie scare fest “if footmen tire, what will horses do” which includes some great beheadings as well.

  3. this is sick. after hundreds of years of christian scourging, rapes, torture both physical and mental all we can do in today’s society is look at what it is with irony?

    1. ..all we can do in today’s society is look at what it is with irony?

      You can fap to it if you want.   They probably should have saved Henrietta and Merna for the money shot, though.

    2. Tragi-comic, no? A way of addressing or avoiding an issue. On this one I’d go with the second of the two.
      I find the New Testament a deeply, deeply disturbing text.
      What happened to the Gnostic interpretation of the Gospels?
      Why is there no common language through which science is easily accessible to all? Understanding of science is not necessarily important but linguistic coding is.
      Christians themselves do not know whether they find Jesus or Jesus finds them so attributing blame is tricky when group think takes over.

  4. some of the shots in this video are from the unforgettable 1971 film by Ron Ormond, which is unforgettably titled: “If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?” (produced by Estus W. Pirkle and Monnie Stanfield). it can be watched here:

    Ormond directed exploitation films such as The Monster and the Stripper before converting to Christianity, and becoming a chistsploitation filmmaker.

    1. Estus W. Pirkle is one seriously awesome name, though. He should have considered running for President.

    1. that is exactly it!  unite was just that, it was a fictional part of the united nations, but the branch that arrested people for not having the mark.  one of the best scenes is where the unmarked heroine is being chased by a unite squad only to find herself bumping into a seemingly nice elderly couple.  they smile at her with the mark on their foreheads.  it is deliciously paranoid, i loved it.  

  5. i like star pimp’s version best. synchronistically, i’m wearing their t-shirt right now.
    and thanks for turning me on to mr. pirkle!

  6. Who is that at 0:20, Evil Red Ronald’s brother Blue Arnold (who wasn’t left behind)?!
    Yippee! Magical Rapture McNuggets!

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