10 digital albums for $15, including Sophie Madeleine


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  1. cigarettes says:

    Definitely check out the individual previews. The mashup video preview doesn’t do em justice.

  2. irksome says:

    When oh when will my euphonium be deemed hip?

  3. thereal_attentive says:

    I have Sophie Madeleine’s album and cannot possibly recommend it enough. The price is worth it for that album alone – so try the whole rest of the batch for free. :)

    Sophie has a creative mind, angelic voice, and the personality of, well, words fail me. What’s the most humble, down-to-earth, friendly, endearing, and uplifting thing in the world? Whatever it is, that’s Sophie.

    Btw, anyone know what happened to my *other* favorite Uke Girl from BB video fame, Clara Belle? http://boingboing.net/2008/06/20/clara-belle-performs.html She released a great album, then got wiped off the internet (including all her youtube videos).

    • Guysmiley says:

      I’ll second that, Sophie Madeleine is just… wonderful. Her original songs are catchy, clever and fun to listen to. And her 30 days / 30 covers project this summer was genius.

  4. 32ndnote says:

    These are amazing! This is the kind of business model that most of the video and record industry need to understand. Modern consumers devour massive amounts media. At prices scaled for this, money will come.

  5. Michael Salazar says:

    Ditto here. What happened to her?

  6. LinkMan says:

    So which Libyan faction profits from the choice of domain name?  The good ones?

  7. A couple quick questions:
    1) PayPal only? (Really?)
    2) DRM Free?
    3) Available in FLAC (or WAV)?

  8. Marktech says:

    Holding out for the Sophie Madeleine/Die Antwoord collaboration.

  9. MrWednesday7 says:

    #3 Clara Belle (& Ukulele) …”
    This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Yucatan Music Limited. 


    • thereal_attentive says:

      It looks like she *might* have signed with Yucatan in her recent incarnation as part of the group QiQi, but QiQi’s videos are gone too and, though some of her videos were covers, most of her songs and videos were originals – which implies that Yucatan bought ClaraBelle and QiQi then apparently erased them from the internet for some reason. It seems like really poor marketting/management of their artist. I’d love to know if there’s some other avenue to get her lovely music.

    • thereal_attentive says:

      I’m just glad Yucatan wasn’t able to delete ClaraBelle’s “Oh Well” album that I purchased off my devices. I have the proof she makes lovely music!

      • Mark_Frauenfelder says:

         I don’t know what happened to Clara Belle! I might still have her email address. I’ll check and see.

  10. Carl Price says:

    I find this interesting, and was looking at buying.  However, they provide no information on the site. 

    What is the delivery mechanism and formats? 
    Do I need a special app, OS, etc to get what was purchased? 
    How/what is the content licensed like (PC use only, DRM, etc)?
    Then the PayPal issue. 

    I like to support artists, but there has to be more information than just shooting money into the ether and hoping what you bought is usable.

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