Bhi Bhiman: the "Sri Lankan Woody Guthrie"

Clyde says, "Bhi Bhiman is singer and songwriter that's been labeled a 'Sri Lankan Woody Guthrie.'" His debut solo album titled Bhiman was released today.


  1. It’s not terrible, but the Woody Guthrie comparison is miles out of whack.  The music doesn’t sound like anything Guthrie would have done, but more importantly the lyrics are an order of magnitude less profound and well-written.  They both played acoustic guitars, but any similarity stops there.

  2. He was born in the US. He’s no more the “Sri Lankan Woody Guthrie” than Woody Guthrie was the “European Woody Guthrie”.

  3. cute song, but I’m guessing whoever’s labeled him as any sort of Woody Guthrie just has way too many Woody Guthrie labels on their hands. I’ve labeled most of my records “Chiquita” for a similar reason. 

  4. This is Bhi’s second album, not his first, and both albums definitely need to be purchased. The first is called The Cookbook. Bhi is the man, and by far one of the most talented musicians I’ve ever encountered. Do yourself a favor and listen to him on a computer or radio with some good speakers. 

    My friends and I went to college with this guy, and I’ve always considered it significantly more difficult to get into a song when I know the person who made that song, but Bhi completely transcends that. I’ve seen him play live, and every time it’s been mind blowing. 

    Seriously, everybody needs to buy his albums. They’re amazing. More songs by Bhi Bhiman:

    White Man’s Burden Blues –

    NASCAR –

    Talkin’ NASCAR  live –

    Eye on You –

    God is a Warriors Fan –

    Bhi at TEDx –

  5. Oh, and the Amazon link in the original post isn’t working for me. It might need updating. Thanks!

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