Bank robber shoots himself in foot

[Video Link] A bank robber in Brazil shot himself in the foot. In the video he is seen limping away with his cohorts. He was later arrested while receiving treatment at a nearby hospital. (Via Arbroath)


  1. gun safety rule #1) never point gun at something you don’t intend to shoot
    gun safety rule #2) never put your finger on the trigger until you intend to shoot

    he must have missed that class at bank robber school

    1. My thought when I saw the video: There’s one guy wishing he hadn’t skipped gun safety. 

      He’s a bank robber, out to injure or kill. More so than you’d like to imagine in Brazil and in Latin America!. It’s sad but not tragic if he gets shot (even dead).

      Only he did it himself.

      1. Most bank robbers just want money and never intend to use their weapons at all you can tell this is the first time he’s held a gun so case in point.

  2. If he’d had any grit he would have sterilized his injury with rum and let it heal up as best he could. Then they might have gotten away with it.

  3. What is a Glock?  It’s really easy to shoot yourself in the foot with a Glock.  I just learned that on Fresh Air.

  4. An effective but self-defeating method of showing your victims that it’s a real gun and it’s loaded. 

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