Deranged IHOP commercial slowed down

Originally posted by Cory, this is from 1969 and involves helium balloons. The vocal effect, however, was accomplished not with vocal cord-tightening gas, but Chipmunk-style—with threats and coercion, perhaps.

Accordingly, I slowed it down to reveal the original, nightmarish, vocal recording.

JUST. FOR. THE. FUN. (Monster approaches) [Thanks, Heather!]


  1. So… SoundCloud removed it because of copyright issues? (Only a guess, but they’ve done that with mixes of mine before)
    Maybe try hosting it somewhere else?

  2. That food looks as deranged as the music. Why does the daughter get a ceramic chicken instead of an entree?

  3. I believe that this confirms my long-held belief that LSD doses used to be a lot more potent back then.

  4. Helium doesn’t tighten your vocal cords. It changes the speed of sound, and therefore the resonant frequencies, in your vocal cavity.

    And that’s creepy as shit at any speed.

  5. Can someone PLEASE do a dubstep remix of this?  The pacing of the high-pitched vocal is begging for some crazy beats behind it…

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