Groupon rapped for selling snake oil


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  1. @martynkelly says:

    Great article, but there is an error: -  “Britain’s highly-respected Daily Mail newspaper”. Britain respects the Daily Mail about as much as America respects the National Enquirer.

    • “Britain’s highly-respected _______ newspaper” was, is, and always shall be sarcasm. (with tip of hat to Xeni)

    • Sarcasm.  From a Brit, to a Brit.  You shouldn’t be confused here.

      @Robert Baruch Why does Xeni get credit for something Rob said?

      • You’re absolutely right. It should be a tip of the hat to Maggie (see ). I would suck at Boing Boing Trivial Pursuit.

        And I’m giving Maggie credit for what I said, not what Rob said. Which can be confusing, because I’m also Rob.

  2. VonWatters says:

    “highly-respected” – AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH…*gasp*. Oh you.

    Edit: I assume everyone’s seen the “big list of things the Daily Heil says cause/cure cancer”:

  3. kevbo1983 says:

    LOL, might want to add a sarcasm tag.  Seems some people don’t understand it.

  4. bazzargh says:

    Not there, because its facebook only. But has been documenting their work on the bleeding edge of medicine for a couple of years now

  5. I’m glad to see them going after the snake-oil sales-men, but how about those restaurants that have started charging for the sound of the stake cooking, whilst withholding the very beef itself?

  6. Adrian Martin says:

    Groupon push those stupid magnetic bracelets as well..

    • I stopped using Groupon when I couldn’t find the ‘snake-oil kill switch’.  I was referring to it as that when I was seeing these bracelets, amusing to see they’re actually selling snake oil.

    • Jorpho says:

      Groupon and similar deal sites seem to be increasingly overrun with quack medicine products.  (That, and cheap stuff from Hong Kong billed as being sold at a vastly exaggerated discount.)  It seems legitimate businesses have gotten wise to the utility of group discounts.

  7. Michael Spencer says:

    Excuse me whilst I rage. DAILY MAIL IS NOT RESPECTED. I get that your statement might be sarcasm but I just want to make my point.

  8. Jim Smith says:

    It may not be respected but its website recently overtook the NY Times as the top (ie most hits/unique users) newspaper website in the world.

    I despair.

  9. TooGoodToCheck says:

    Literal snake oil salesmen?  Wow.  That is so retro it’s almost charming

  10. Guest says:

    Now, don’t go slamming the Daily Mail. Cory has been known to use it as a “reputable” source.

  11. I think that you’ve learnt your lesson Rob.

    The BoingBoing community may be awesome, smart and liberal – but they don’t understand humour.

    • IronEdithKidd says:

      It’s something of an in joke at this point, of course the n00bs don’t get it.  The usual suspects are rather silent so far, though. 
      Daily Fail.  Respected.  ROFLcopters, that.

  12. Actually something else in news today relating to Daily Mail and for once I’m on the side of the Daily Mail. A TV psychic is suing them for defamation of character!

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