Kim Dotcom, allegedly

This splendid work, by Aurich Lawson, is a perfect aperitif for Sean Gallagher's wonderful article about the ridiculous but astoundingly successful con artist, Quake cheat and entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.


    1. To be clear the piece was utterly an homage to Pen & Pixel. There’s a great interview with the founder here if you haven’t seen it:

      Glad you enjoyed Rob, thanks. It’s only a pity you linked to the Wired version, as they just reposted it from the original at Ars Technica. :)

  1. Yeah what an asshole! How dare he set up a website which millions of people used and enjoyed for free.
    I totally hate this guy because that’s what the mainstream media wants me to think about him. Nice work on the sheeple act everyone.

    1. methinks you may not be familiar with this character or his past adventures/escapades. This guy is fully deserving of mockery, completely independent of recent developments (in fact there is no mention of the website you refer to in this post).

  2. I hope he goes to jail for a long, long time.  Not for the whole megaupload fiasco but for his well-known and wide-spread douchebaggery in Quake 2, including massive aimbotting and DDOS’ing a server host because he got his ass beat by a little girl.

    1. Hear Hear! straight-up aimbotting or wall-hacking is just way too obvious and is usually just a fu manoevure as far as QL goes, I missed the whole spectacle of online Q2, so can’t speak to that.
      It’s the sneaky sob’s that throttle the hack to make it appear to be good aiming ‘just-at-the-last-moment’ or near prescient, prediction abilities that really manage to destroy the market, I mean game.

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