Minimalist superhero posters


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  1. petershultz says:

    While these are nice, and the designs are minimalist, the overall presentation is not. Adding fake fold lines, scratches, and dirt in photoshop is the antithesis of minimal design. 

  2. Nick Cheatham says:

    I found a minimalist poster for UP one time and I haven’t been able to find it since, but every once in a while I search the interwebs for it and invariably come across a website hosting these

  3. retchdog says:

    Unlicensed derivative works! For sale! ARREST THIS MAN!

  4. Ryan Gregson says:

    Perhaps these have just become a pet peeve for me, but aren’t these now far from original, even cliché?

  5. AwesomeRobot says:

    Yeah, this type of design has become super cliché – the false weathering and folding makes it doubly so. 

  6. DMStone says:

    From the link: “We love the idea of minimalist reinterpretation because we enjoy seeing how an artist can strip icons to their barest elements and still be recongnizable to a mass audience”

    I think the problem here is the objective of designing a superhero costume is to make it iconic. All the work has already been done by the original artists, all he really has done is taken off the arms and legs. 

  7. AviSolomon says:

    Reminded me of these pixel-art posters by Michael Myers:

  8. fritz from london says:


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