Reminder: BoingBoing meetup in Minneapolis on Saturday


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  1. dculberson says:


  2. lknope says:

    Oh great, what am I going to wear now?

  3. zachstronaut says:

    The Twin Cities chapter of the International Game Developers Association is participating in the Global Game Jam this weekend… so I’m going to try to do both! Maybe I can show some game progress at the meetup. Gah! Busy weekend!

  4. grimc says:

    That might be the greatest snapshot ever taken ever.

  5. bklynchris says:

    Hey Maggie, if it did not happen yet, would you be willing to tell BBers about the St. Paul Winter Carnival?  I vaguely remember this when I was a kid, there was some kind of “coin” treasure hunt and these devil guys who went around stealing kisses.  Not to mention some bitchin’ house size igloos.  I remember being fascinated by the coin hunt and igloos, while so terrified by the kissing devils running amuck, that I was afraid to leave the house.  I mean, if you’re not too busy…or just a few photos?  Its raining her in NYC…no snow on the horizon.

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