Hubble Space Telescope power interface console on eBay

If you're working on a DIY version of the Hubble Space Telescope, this may come in handy. It's apparently the Vehicle Power Interface Console used at the Goddard Flight Center during pre-launch testing of the HST, and you can buy it now on eBay for $75,000. From the listing:

Hubbebebebe Everything is housed in a very substantial 3 rack metal cabinet with lockable 3 door access in the back.

Cabinet is completely hand wired, as only NASA can do, it's a thing of beauty!

All pieces of equipment have wire seals that have not been tampered with

There are three large Heat Vent Stacks with internal fans on the top of the cabinet.

This console is large, and has quite an impressive Presentation!

"NASA Vehicle Power Interface for Hubble Space Telescope"


  1. Shipping costs are the deal-breaker here. Could anybody help put something that looks like a go-kart mod on the underside of that behemoth and then spot me while I drive it across about 15 state lines ?

    Come to think of it, I’d probably want one of those mylar-balloons-that-look-like heat-seeking-missiles add-ons, too.

  2. I wish buttons like that still saw common use. They’re so.. tactile. When you press it, you know something big is going to happen.

  3. Probably paid scrap value for it from and thinks its worth its weight in gold.  It’s neat, but not worth that kind of money!

  4. It’s a big power supply. Not very interesting by collectors’ standards. Weighs more than it’s worth.

    The panel of buttons by itself would be worth mounting in a frame and hanging on a wall. Especially if they have cool legends such as “Main B Bus Undervolt”.

    1. Doesn’t let me link directly to it, but there’s one not-very-close-up picture of the back of the racks on the eBay site. Click on the main picture and you’ll see it along the side.

    2. Telco wiring used to – by far – be the most impressive. Check out

  5. What is it good for? Is there some way to implement this thing for a commercial engineering project or something? Why is it so pricy? 

  6. As soon as I win the lottery this is going in my ‘evil lair’ and when I’m done with it I’ll follow Seg’s request.

      1. Damn all these ex Microsoft execs buzzkilling my righteous indignation with their fantastic and groovy altruism.

  7. I believe this was the prototype for the iPhone, they had a tough time convincing the marketing people it would be a BIG hit……………

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