Madonna's cautionary AIDS comic, handed out at a 1987 concert

From Ethan Persoff's ongoing chronicles of vintage weird ephemera: COMICS WITH PROBLEMS #7 - MADONNA ON AIDS. This public health pamphlet was handed out at one of her concerts, one night only, in 1987. Her image appears on the cover, and inside, a handwritten note urging for greater awareness of AIDS and an end to prejudice against those who contract it (or who are HIV-positive).


  1. Man, that was a scary time. Seeing what people were saying and doing is a stark reminder of how savage people get when they are scared.

      1. I have a vintage 1981 or ’82 copy of “That Crazy Guy”. I was 14 at the time and figured that girl got herpes. Did Chick redo it to be about AIDS? I’ll have to check the Chick site and see. Sure wish I had copies of “Lisa” and “The Lost Children”, JTC cancelled them as just too weird. 

        I have to say that this AIDS comic is a lot better that this Spider-Man PSA comic from 1984.

  2. I was happy to see that these were handed out at a NYC show. Guess the farm folk in the heartland would have gone ballistic over this, or the record company wouldn’t help cover it for the whole tour (she wasn’t a Zillionaire yet back then)/

  3. I would have been in middle school when this came out. The fear was quite real. At that time, AIDS was a death sentence. Still, the comic book geek in me wants to track down a copy of this.

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