"My Favorite Museum Exhibit": Where exhibits come from


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  1. RunawayJim says:

    Damn. I didn’t see the request, but I don’t have pictures from one of the best museums I’ve visited… the Mutter Museum in Philadelphia. It’s all medical oddities. In fact, I think I first learned about it on Boing Boing. :)

  2. tonywonder says:

    The screech owl video was a cool change. Liked the behind the scenes! 

  3. dr.hypercube says:

    What? You don’t have a colony of dermestids?

  4. Snig says:

    I was talking once to my brother about my school’s dermestid colony and he didn’t believe that such a thing existed.  It turns out he misheard me, and he thought I was claiming we had a colony of dermestid beagles, apparently specially bred to gnaw very carefully.

  5. justine says:

    Dermestids are cool…you can hear them eating!

    A museum I used to work in had the following signs in the zoology wet lab…

    “Carrion Crew”

    “Trespassers will be Skeletonized!”

    Good times…

  6. emo hex says:

    At one time there were a couple of actual shrunken heads at the Chicago Museum of Natural History, I don’t know what ever happened to them?

  7. andyhavens says:

    I love that the tiny little Cazenovia library in NY has an actual Egyptian mummy on display.

    And it blogs: http://cazenoviamummy.blogspot.com/

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