RePress: a WordPress plugin for proxying around national firewalls


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  1. Frederik says:

    I am in The Netherlands, the Pirate Bay is not blocked here. Ziggo and Xs4All are considering their options, possible going to apeal the judgement and the other providers have already told BREIN they will not block anything unless forced to by a court order. Wich would mean they’d have to sue all of them one by one, an unlikely situation.

    That’s a verry Dutch thing to do, make a law and then pretend it doesn’t exist. I look forward to the government signing ACTA and then not bothering to enforce it at all.

  2. cellocgw says:

    Be nice if they knew how to spell “tyranny.”

  3. Stephen O says:

    Take caution if you are going to install this. It is an Alpha version and very unstable. I installed it and sure enough it nuked the entire blog. Quick way of fixing is to FTP into the file system and delete the “repress” folder in your wp-content/plugins directory. 

  4. EeyoreX says:

    Of course, this will only work until the firewall-wielding powers that be simply decide to add the entire WordPress domain to their blacklists. Which will happen.

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