HOWTO mix a grody-looking Alien Brain Hemorrhage cocktail


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  1. Adam Gillitt says:

    I think this calls for something stronger than a unicorn chaser.

  2. nixiebunny says:

    Who would have thought that an alien brain could be created from such tasty liqueurs?

  3. noah django says:

    my bartender roommate avers that this shot tastes nasty

  4. Chris Ingram says:

    Oh FFS BoingBoing, what is the world coming to when you use terms like ‘grody’?

    Do you mean Grotty? 

    • Ipo says:

       grody: Nasty, repulsive, dirty, disgusting, foul, revolting, nauseating,  yucky. 
      grotty: Grotesque. 

      From Scottish Gaelic: grod.

      • hassan-i-sabbah says:

        From Valley Girl: Grody to the max
              Also: gag me with a spoon.

      • mike list says:

        i thought ‘groaty’ was the way to spell it in english. grody looks/sounds like a bad parody of an irish surname.

        while we’re on the subject, does anyone remember when the sports term ‘seeded’ was ‘ceded’? illiteracy/entropy increases.

        • ryuthrowsstuff says:

          pretty sure groaty would be the adjective form of groat, meaning the grains produced by cutting rather than grinding grain. Like steel cut oatmeal. 

    • GrymRpr says:

      grody:Valspeak “The term “Valley Girl” and the Valley manner of speech was given a wider circulation with the release of a hit 1982 single by Frank Zappa entitled “Valley Girl”, on which Moon Zappa, Frank’s fourteen-year-old daughter, delivered a monologue in “Valley speak” behind the music. This song, Frank Zappa’s only Top 40 hit in the United States, popularized phrases such as “grody  to the max”. Some of the terms used by Moon were not actually Valley phrases, but were Surfing|surfer terms instead (such as “tubular” and “gnarly”).  But due to the song’s popularity, some of the surfer phrases actually entered the speech of real Valley teens after this point.  The Los Angeles surfing subculture, on the other hand, did not generally begin using the Valley terms, and in fact often despise users of the terms.”

      • GlenBlank says:

        “Grody” was teen slang long before Valley Girl, and in places far outside the San Fernando Valley.  Heard it a lot in high school in the ’70s in Phoenix, AZ.

        In fact, an awful lot of “ValSpeak” could be heard all over the LA area (and probably a lot of other places, too) well before ‘Valley Girl.’

        And some of it, I never heard at all. Moon exaggerated for comic effect – f’rex, I never heard any teen say “gag me with a spoon” until after “Valley Girl” – and then only sarcastically or ironically – and I lived half a mile from ‘The Galleria’ from before it opened until after it was closed and rebuilt.

        FWIW, almost none of it is in use today (though the surfers still sound much the same).

        The Valley is largely unknown outside the Valley itself, except for pop-culture stereotypes and clichés – most of which were past their shelf date twenty years ago.  

        But that’s okay – it keeps housing prices down, so even mid-level workers can afford nice places five minutes from the studios. :-)

        • GlenBlank says:

          grody adj. [prob. alt. of  GROTTY or GROTESQUE] Stu. offensive, dirty or disgusting.

          [Citations go back to 1965.]

          –Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Vol. 1., 1994

          (Also in OED.)

        • Antinous / Moderator says:

          Yeah, we were using grody in New England in the mid-60s.


    • Away, vile prescriptivist! :)

    • C W says:

      “Do you mean Grotty?”

      No, because that’s an entirely different word.

  5. Bill Beaty says:

    DRY ICE?  Nah, stuff sinks to the bottom.   It would just stir the mixture.

    Maybe sprinkle a bunch of tiny dry-ice flakes or crumbs.   Those will generate the surrounding gas bubble fast enough that the dense flakes cannot sink.

    Hey, isn’t there a really tiny noisemaker throwie that plays UFO sounds, or music from Forbidden Planet?   If not, THERE SHOULD BE.

  6. UrbanUndead says:

    Looks neat! But yeah, I bet that thing *tastes* revolting…

  7. Scott Croom says:

    A bar I used to hang out at made this exact drink without the blue curaco, they called it the Texas Abortion. I like Alien Brain Hemorage much better.

  8. devophill says:

    Sounds better than the variation made with three colors of Aftershock schnapps.

  9. Senor Schaffer says:

    I think it’s purdy. :

  10. Ipo says:

    Sugary, sticky, overly sweet, syrupy concoction. 
    You wouldn’t order or make it for the pleasure of drinking it, but to cause laughter and amazement in a group. 

  11. lsamsa says:

    Well, I would think that the taste of such a mixture might be worse than how disgusting it looks. Well, maybe.
    I’m guessing that most people who would try such a nasty concoction have already imbibed enough alcohol to remove those boundaries.

  12. caipirina says:

    yeah, LUNCH

  13. Westfakia says:

    I’m thinking it should include a shot of insulin as a chaser.

  14. Thorzdad says:

    We used to make these (except for the blue curacao) in shot glasses. Called the Monkey Brains.

    • Brian Doom says:

      I like that name… usually this would just be the “Brain Hemorrhage with Blue Curoacao shooter.”  You can order a “Brain Hemorrhage” almost anywhere…

  15. Sapa says:

    Eew ohh Baileys mmmm

  16. Paul Renault says:

    In the late eighties, the rage was  a drink called a Test Tube Baby:

    Layer 1/2 oz of Amaretto on top of 1/2 oz of white tequila in a shot glass. 

    Using a straw, drop a few drops of cream on top of the layers.  Watch the cream filament down and through the layers. 

    No, I haven’t been able to find good photos of this drink on the ‘Net.  In any case, the cream isn’t for the flavour, it’s for the visuals.

  17. Rich Keller says:

    It looks like a background from a Frazetta painting.

  18. millie fink says:

    Ugh. Come now Cory, must you, really? On a Sunday morning?


  19. madgohan says:

    Be warned: curdling drinks continue to curdle in you stomach.  Drinking any more than one curdling novelty shot will likely result in an unpleasant “outcome.”

  20. Bauart says:

    You lost me at “Peach Schnapps”

  21. snagglepuss says:

    I’ve done a “Jack Kevorkian” and a “New Jersey Turnpike”. This scares me not.

    • ryuthrowsstuff says:

      Why would you ever do a turnpike knowing what it is? I’m assuming your definition of the NJ turnpike is the same as mine. The bartender drains his bar mats into a shaker chills the slop and hands it off to an unsuspecting victim.

  22. Anonymous says:

    We need bartenders to learn how to use Durian, then we will get a whole new class of alien drinks :)

  23. Aloisius says:

    This is a pretty classic Halloween drink though the blue aliening is a nice touch. Personally, I can’t get past the curdling of the Bailey’s. There’s also the squashed frog:

  24. irksome says:

    “This is your brain; this is your brain on booze.”

    Alcohol is such a low drug.

  25. ab167 says:

    My novelty-drink-loving college roommates made these or some variation on Halloween. It looks worse in real life. And those flavors together… ugh.

  26. RuthlessRuben says:

    I have a friend whose grandmother is from Hungary. She makes her own booze out of plums in an old rusty bathtub on her farm in the boonies, and sells it for roughly 0.20€ a liter in old juice bottles. The stuff burns bright lilac when you set it on fire, and a cocktail of 1% that and 99% Coca Cola tastes like burning nail polish.

    And I would rather live on that stuff for a week than drink this…thing, purely by the look of it. It might not taste so bad, but as Samuel Jackson once said: “Sewer rat might taste like pumpkin pie, but I’d never know, cause I wouldn’t eat the filthy”-you know what. And I was never one to question Mr. Jackson.

    • Marktech says:

      I have a friend whose grandmother is from Hungary. She makes her own booze out of plums in an old rusty bathtub on her farm in the boonies

      I’ve drunk home-made nail polish remover in rural North Carolina.  Last time I visited my relations there, I stayed to watch the Super Bowl: I don’t remember anything of it after the first twenty minutes, and my mouth was numb for most of the next morning (though to be fair, that might have been the coating on the fried chicken).  I felt like I was in a David Sedaris monologue.

      I’d be tempted to try this, though maybe not as the first drink of the evening.  Would anybody face one of these sober?

    • ryuthrowsstuff says:

      Palinka? I actually sort of love that stuff. A friend’s father makes it, but he apparently has a reputation for making it particularly well. 

    • Beanolini says:

      A friend of mine picked up two Slovenian (I think) hitch-hikers who had a supply of home-made plum brandy in recycled pop bottles. It was actually very pleasant, and far preferable to the concoction above. 

  27. nixiebunny says:

    Time for that unicorn chaser already.

  28. nem0fazer says:

    Surely a close relative of the pan-galactic gargleblaster

  29. RuthlessRuben says:

    I’d rather get beaten around the brain with a gold bar covered in limes than try this.

  30. pipenta says:

    Gah! You know there are PLENTY of delicious drinks out there. This ain’t one of them.

    It  looks less like a brain and more like sinus infection. If I had to give it a name, I’d call it Cthulu’s Neti Pot.

  31. I took this picture and the video, if you wouldn’t mind giving me credit for them I would be mighty grateful. Thanks, and cheers!

  32. igpajo says:

    I’ve seen a friend do something called a Cement Mixer.  Forget what it was but they poured a couple pretty strong shots directly into his mouth as he had his head back, then they pour in half a shot or so of Baileys.  Then they tell him to shake his head a little.  At first he looked pleased with the taste but as the milk in the baileys curdled and hardened to lumps in his mouth, man the look of horror on his face was priceless.  He was barely able to swallow it.   

  33. mrfixitrick says:

    Ahhh, finally, the perfect refreshment for my main course, “Baked Devil’s Brain in Blood Sauce”…;)

  34. brainflakes says:

    Just thought I’d mention that Firefox’s RSS reader has decided to shorten the title to “HOWTO mix a grody-looking Alien Brain Hemorrhage cock…” :)

  35. TooGoodToCheck says:

    It’s not every day you run across a drink that’s named after the hangover it gives you

  36. Mel Forbes says:

    This dude on TipsyBartender has the best Alien Brain Hemorrhage ever!

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