Jeff Meadows' funny painted shoes


Artist Jeff Meadows did a great custom paint job on his shoes! From an interview with him on Illustration Mundo.


    1.  Looks like a variation of this style of lacing, which is what I use on most of my shoes and which I really like. Looks cool and works better than any other method I’ve tried. Looks like he gave up after the bottom section, though.

      Anyway – I’m not sure these shoes work with those pants (which should be hemmed or cuffed – way too long) but I do like the idea of artists painting shoes, which I’ve seen before. Typically isn’t very successful if one tries it on their own (unless you’re an artist), though :)

      1. If I had to guess, I’d imagine @boingboing-0ded76f9366ef64f8de40cf5d687751e:disqus  was referring not to the pattern of lacing, but rather to the fact that the initial section of each lace is all twisty.

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