Dad and kids play Depeche Mode

Joel Johnson turns us on to Dicken featuring Milah and Korben performing "Everything Counts" by Depeche Mode. This is fantastic. I just can't get enough. (See what I did there?)


  1. Take all the Elfman songs outta “Nightmare Before Christmas” replace them with Depeche Mode and turn into a seasonal musical that runs from Oct. to Jan. 1

  2. I would have seen what you did there without being reminded to see what you did there.

    It is indeed a cool video. Greatest dad ever. I lost myself in them, and found myself as a result. Only way that ever happens.

  3. The dad is very good at working in the limited instrumental skills of his kids.

    I wish he was better with their singing skils.

  4. Milah and Korben? Sounds like the kids are named like the actors/characters in The Fifth Element! Meta-awesomeness!

  5. How scary is it that we have elected officials in our government here in the US who would actually like to see laws past that would have that dad thrown in prison for doing that cover of a copyrighted song. And we currently have an administration that would fight to have him extradited to the US if it were the law (if he isn’t in the US). Things have gotten pretty damn scary. 

    That said, this was awesome! 

  6. Those parents are raising some good kids. Have they written an instruction book for that? My boy is 5 and I could use some awesomeness lessons.

  7. Actually I thought the kids back up vocals were the best part.  

    (And on that note what am I doing wasting time here while my daughter is watching tv?)

  8. Same family doing “Strangelove” was even better. The little girl starts putting binder clips on her dad’s face while he is singing. A little creepy given the song, but they did it well.

  9. Whenever I think I have my mind made up about never wanting to have kids I see something like this.

  10. Have Depeche Mode been paid royalties for this?

    Shocking. Shocking! That these brigands can STEAL outright from content creators and brazenly parade it around on the internets. I have notified the MPAA and would request that administrators delete any links or reference to the infringing video in question.

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