Junk-market door as a desk/table/streetdoor


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  1. bcsizemo says:

    Where does the lamp go?

  2. peterkvt80 says:

    That isn’t a Super-8 cine camera lurking there. It is a twin lens reflex camera for stills photography. I’m old enough to remember seeing people use these.

  3. toyg says:

    Very nice concept…  with a bit of refinement, I’d buy it. 
    For one, I’d really want it to have actual storage space underneath — I can see stuff flying out of those pockets every time you close it.

  4. Matthew Simmons says:

    Hey sillypants thats not a super-8 camera thats a twin lens reflex medium format camera. Probably a rolleiflex or some similar brand. Unlike super 8 film cameras, many people still use the old twin lens reflex for its high image quality (120mm film size) and the lack of an intrusively loud mirror slap you get from an SLR. 

  5. awjt says:

    Neat, but I’d constantly hwang my elbows on the hinges sticking out on my side of the desk.

  6. cbt22 says:

    My husband made something similar, but his is made from a solid door without the shutters/hinges. He also took a second door and sawed it in half to make the legs, which I think is nicer than the steel frame here.

  7. penguinchris says:

    I saw this a couple weeks ago, I think, and like many things you come across on Tumblr it looks fantastic (great aesthetic sensibility) but doesn’t hold up to scrutiny.

    As a multifunctional item it’s massively impractical. The camera would get crushed and the lamp destroyed and your stuff would fall out of the pockets if you decided to flip it down to have dinner and were a bit absent-minded, and if you just leave it in desk mode all the time then you’ve got a big gaping hole where more desk would be greatly desired.

    But – it’s still cool and if nothing else it does inspire one to make tables out of doors. Although I suspect the junk-market door supply outside of Italy is not quite so charming.

  8. SamSam says:

    That wood is gorgeous, which is what makes this so nice.

  9. Culturedropout says:

    It’s all good fun until somebody gets their lamp slammed in the door.  (And yeah – just looking at those hinges makes my elbows hurt.)  But it’s really pretty…

  10. Anselm says:

    I’ve often used a door laid across two file cabinets as a desk. Done cheaply, it’s ugly but modular furniture, which is great for college dorms. Done well (custom-sized shelves or deep cabinets in matching wood, etc) it can be an attractive way to upcycle desks. And before desks came standard with cable holes in them, the hole where the doorknob was could be put to great use by computer or lamp cables.

  11. I’m a custom builder / designer and I came across this a few weeks ago. 
    I am building a couple different prototypes of a similar design for different customers who fell in love with this desk. I will be using only salvaged and FSC-certified woods (extremely difficult finding vintage doors of the right size). If anybody is interested, message me on facebook: Matthew Stoltz, Stanford c/o 2008

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