"My Favorite Museum Exhibit": The Poulton Elk


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  1. “during the excavations for a house in Poulton le Fylde.”

    reading that sentence it just makes me wonder what else is just laying around in the ground, just below the surface, waiting to be discovered.

  2. H R says:

    That moose* looks cool. With its diabolical grin and it’s pointed “nose” and “chin”, it looks like the Joker from the Batman cartoons.

    *I’m invoking my American card by insisting on calling those animals the Europeans call elk moose.

  3. t3kna2007 says:

    I had an encounter with a moose once.  Fortunately not a close encounter, as we both moved off in opposite directions.  He was extremely large, had antlers out to here, and was uphill from me, making him seem even larger.  When he moved off, he seemed to kind of levitate away, as if his body were magically supported and his legs weren’t bearing any of the load, which I took to be an indication of his strength.  I’m sure my eyes were quite large and round, and he had my complete attention.  I refrained from saying anything about his nose.

    Also, moose droppings look like an alien brain: hemispherical, black, convoluted and glossy.

  4. I just like the collection of radius and ulna bones on display at the La Brea tar Pits Museum

  5. Beanolini says:

    Similarly, there’s an Aurochs skeleton in the Cambridge Uni Museum of Zoology that was found locally. It totally blew my mind, as a kid, to think there were once six-foot high cattle walking round my local area.

  6. rarrr says:

    Poulton-Le-Fylde is a great little town with loads of history around it (as well as a lot of pubs).

    A quick run down can be found here http://www.poulton-le-fylde-hcs.co.uk/html/body_poulton_s_history.html

  7. Lovely to see this post, Maggie!   My Father was building a house on his property in Highfurlong, Poulton when he uncovered the Elk during excavations.   Our Family donated the Elk to the Harris Museum.   I believe the Elk is currently being renovated and moved into the Lancashire Conservation Studios (a beautiful church in Preston) for this year’s Preston Guild.

  8. Here is an artist’s rendition of the Elk in his new home from the Preston Guild 2012 website.

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