Psychotronic generators, pi-rays, Egyptology, and orgone accumulators


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  1. Roy Trumbull says:

    This is also the period in which L. Ron Hubbard turned reading an ohm meter into Dianetics. It’s worth reading his bio on wikipedia.

  2. Jonathan says:

    Oh, look! It’s the first recorded example of a catalog for audiophiles :)

  3. ponzicar says:

    A glimpse into the minds of less than conventional thinkers is always fascinating, even if they have clearly left reality behind long ago.

  4. haineux says:

    I love this stuff. Wish someone would sell eBooks of it. 

  5. No discussion of orgone accumulators and psychotronic devices would be complete without mentioning the high priest of the movement, psychoanalyst Wilhem Reich.  Even his extensive FBI file shows his long history with “sinister” government conspiracies.

  6. Jim Saul says:

    I first heard of these strange things at the end of the 80′s from a philosophy professor at University of Cincinnati. 

    By day he was an expert on Leibniz, but he was a secret Wilhelm Reich aficionado and had an human-sized Orgone Accumulator in his basement. My girlfriend at the time was good friends with his wife, so after a dinner party one evening I found myself crouching in that weird tin box for a half hour or so. 

    All I recall is that it smelled like rusty steel-wool, and, disappointingly, I felt nothing other than the suspicion that I was living through a 1970′s Woody Allen movie.

  7. Guest says:

    Don’t get it, not dissin’ it. 

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