Brain Rot: Hip Hop Family Tree, The Brothers Disco and The Mighty Mighty Sasquatch

Hip Hop Family Tree Part 1

Hip Hop Family Tree Part 2

Hip Hop Family Tree Part 3





    1. Haha! I looked at that comment without seeing the username, looked back and went “holy crap,” and then looked back and saw who posted. Only you, darlin’. *disgusting public furry displays of affection* <3

  1. How can I put this?  This would all be a lot more fascinating if I didn’t associate the, ah, music with those possessed by an obnoxious tendency to neglect the preferences of those who do not particularly want to listen to it.

      1. If someone nearby – or even not so nearby – is using loudspeakers constructed from oil drums, one requires substantially more than cotton in one’s ears.

        1. Don’t worry – they were playing in places like the Bronx – back in the day. Suburbia is safe. The only DJs around there are from the local pop stations for the school dances.

          1. Of course.  These days anyone in “Suburbia” listening to hip-hop knows to do so at a respectable volume, such that those preferring not to share in the experience have the option of sticking cotton in their ears.

          2. Ten or fifteen years after the events portrayed above, my neighborhood burb was assaulted by little bitty Toyota and Nissan pickups, slammed down to the asphalt and bearing high-output alternators to power the amps driving enormous 15″ and 18″ subwoofers, broadcasting this music to the heavens and beyond.  All the cotton in Georgia couldn’t have saved your ears then.

            But that was after the young, overfunded white boys got hold of this stuff.  Their intent was show off the attention-getting aspects of their wee trucks.  It certainly wasn’t to, y’know, dance.

            Can’t believe those guys ever got laid.

            Mr Piskor, this is some top-quality stuff.  Please keep it coming.  I’m ashamed to admit it, but I never realized how interesting this story was.

  2. This series is great. Ed, I hope you pull it all together when you’re done for a nice publication. Geez, the branches that are about to begin on that tree.

  3. re: 5th and 6th panels–not to pick nits, but if the speakers are on the same table as the turntable, they make the needles vibrate into a feedback loop.

    re:  graf in the background of the Mighty Sasquatch panel–I don’t believe NISE was active during that era ;)

      1. hey, man, i’m not criticizing the strip, that’s just a warning to anyone who might try it.  you want to set up your decks like that, doowuchyalike.  actually, your name really says it all.

  4. I wasn’t sure what to make of this guy’s strips at first (beyond recognizing his skill at recreating an old-school comic book tone), but this series is just great.

    All those cables, & the giant speakers!!!  It’s like seeing a Yamato-class battleship for the first time.  Stunning.

  5. Really excellent work Ed. Thank you so much for making these available to us via Boing Boing. I’m buying your Hip Hop Family Tree book when it comes out.

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