Breaking Bad as an RPG

[Video Link] College Humor's RPG video game parody of Breaking Bad is spot on. Contains spoilers of all kinds.


  1. Em… can anyone who’s watched this tell me what seasons this spoils? I’ve only seen up til the end of season three on Netflix…

    But f*****ck! When looking to remind myself of what season I had seen til on the Wikipedia page, I read the first sentence of season four by mistake. Damn damn damn spoilers…

    (Mod note: That’s “fartsack” hidden by asterisks above.) 

    1. How could you stop watching BB ? Too bad it’s spoiled I watched 2 seasons in 3 days a few years ago.

  2. Much as I’d like to watch this, the fantastic “Battlestar Galactica RPG” vid from a little while ago would have completely spoiled everything for me if I hadn’t seen it already, and I might still want to watch Breaking Bad someday.

  3. My last 3 weeks have been a Breaking Bad marathon. I too got burned by the internet re: spoilers but the the best thing about Breaking Bad is that while the storyline’s arc is predictable, the pathway to the conclusion is always surprising.

    Nitpick: Gomez isn’t there when the turtle incident happens.

    Anyone got any idea when S5 is airing?? Im jonesing bad.

    Jack: Totally agree… they should’ve used “exploding meth” instead of “hat” item.

  4. Oohh.  Headline should read ‘as a CRPG’.  I was thinking they’d be sitting around a table rolling up characters in the Breaking Bad universe.  “I’ll play a meth-head!  Who’ll be the healer?”  It has a potential.

  5. Fabulous fabulous loved Gabriela and rodrigo music. Keeps me smiling while waiting for season 5. Brilliant mark

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