Treehouse B&B proprietor tells all


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  1. mamayama says:

    For treehouse-happy mutants in the Bay Area, there’s a sweet treehouse in Burlingame on AirBnB that I can recommend—you can see the bay (and distant planes landing at SFO) from the lovely limbs of their live oak.  Proprietors are super-nice, too…one of our most enjoyable stays anywhere!

    AirBnB also lets you search specifically for treehouses (after you type in the general area and  hit “Search”, on the right side, under room type, hit “see more” and check the treehouse box).

  2. Tucker Teutsch 3.0 says:

    I love these guys. I live pretty close to them and am using what they do as an inspiration for my own treehouse design that will be coming to fruition this Spring. Thanks for the GL! It has really changed the game…

  3. awjt says:

    I looked for GLs about two months ago and couldn’t find ‘em.  The websites were all defunct or sold out.  But apparently here they are now:

  4. jimh says:


  5. swishercutter says:

    I went to this place with my friend and his cousin (she knew them and brought us there to see the houses)  back in 1998…they were still having issues with being shut down and they only had a couple treehouses and some platforms way up high.  It is good to see how far they have progressed since then.   Glad to see you got all the legal stuff taken care of.

    So strange seeing something that you have been telling stories about for over 10 years in a Boing Boing writeup.

  6. miasm says:


  7. AA says:

    (The tree-house / pipe puzzles!!!!!)

  8. vsherbie says:

    I  stayed there for a week in 2004 or so. Had a blast, and would love to go back. They’re some good people up there.

  9. gus mueller says:

    i’ve been to out ‘n’ about  a year ago.  most of his neighbors are marijuana farmers, and the rest are burl-obsessed meth heads.  out ‘n’ about also has great zip lines.

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