Apple Scotland - iPhone commercial for Siri

[Video Link] Language NSFW. (Thanks, Byrd!)


    1. I don’t know why ‘eleven’ didn’t work in that elevator.  It’s using one half of the available Scottish vowels.

      I’d live there if I could, just so I could watch “Taysiders in Space” on the telly.

      That, and the whisky.

    1. Nobody said they do, but there’s a hell of a lot more people who speak with a strong Glasgow accent than there is people who sound like Kirsty Young. And there’s nothing wrong with speaking in a strong Glaswegian accent, either. 

        1. David Tennant, for example. You know, since we’re on the subject:

    2. I actually find Kristy Young’s accent quite annoying, the few times  it actually emerges, probably because it really strides with her otherwise very posh dictation, like it happens with many Scottish people who “went to Oxbridge”.

  1. As someone who stutters, I can empathize.

    Though, my speech-impediment doesn’t seem as severe as this gentleman’s.

  2. Fu#$ing  Brilliant !   now get me ma jammie dodger  , ma chip butty , and ma McEwans  straight away !  I’m Starvin ya cow……..hey while your at it throw in a couple of penguin biscuits and I will be set—-

  3. Not that it probably would’ve helped much, but at least put Siri into UK mode if you’re from that side of the pond.  British Siri totally can’t understand my weird Texan/midwestern hybrid accent :(

  4. I’m tear-filled. My wife is concerned, thinks somethings wrong. She says she hasn’t seen me laugh like that in over a year.

  5. One of Gavin McInnes’s once-daily funny moments. The rest of the time, he’s talking about his kids or whining about perceived injustices against whites.

  6. It’s not very Scottish. We[*] don’t say “butty” for sandwich.  A jammy dodger is not bread and jam (See Victory of the Daleks for an illustration) . And the beer references are clunky – as if someone was throwing in random scottish names to make it sound more scottish.

    [*] We – as in no true Scotsman.

    1. I thought he sounded off kilter, but I wrote it off as possibly being regional dialect/slang different from what I’m familiar with.

      1. As in the old song ‘Ye canny throw a jeely piece fae 20 storey flat’.
        In the old 2-3 storey glasgow tenements with an enclosed central courtyard[*], kids would play in the courtyard and mothers could throw sandwiches to them. 

        The song dates from the post war period, when they were building high rise flats to move people from the old tenements.

        * Courtyard seems too grand for what it actually was.

  7. We have similar issues in Australia. I often adopt an American accent to get my Android phone listening to me.

  8. Well, all of you non-American English speaking countries are perfectly welcome to invent your own mono-buttoned brushed aluminum devices driven by a cult of personality that have a semi-literate robo-voice purchased by a third party developer and then prevented from running on previous models in order to sell a newer version of the previous model with only slightly better specs… 

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