Ian Bogost: the sarcastic game dev and academic who gave us Cow Clicker


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  1. coffee100 says:

    Considering all the hoops one must jump through to get a Facebook page it’s unclear how a project like this lasts very long before generating complaints and being banned for violating one or more TOS rules.

  2. Warren_Terra says:

    Bogost can be heard telling his story on NPR’s On The Media, from November. The story is about eight minutes long.

  3. Donald Petersen says:

    how incredibly stupid and pointless the FarmVille-style Facebook games of the day were.

    And you knew who you were then… girls were girls and men were men…

  4. Nadreck says:

    Shades of “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”!  It also started out as a satire of how idiots would get involved in anything faddish: in its case anything in a black and white comic with a “#1″ on the cover.

  5. Nathan Claus says:

    The internet is one massive amphetamine. 

  6. teapot says:

    This guy is my new hero.

  7. Frank W says:

    This would have been a science fiction story, like, ten years ago?

  8. Mantissa128 says:

    …and here we have a model of how capitalism gets started.

  9. Jonathan Badger says:

    On one level, this was all part of the act. Bogost was inhabiting the persona of a manipulative game designer, and therefore it made sense to pull every dirty trick he could to make the game as sticky and addictive as possible. But as he grew into the role, he got a genuine thrill from his creation’s popularity

    Bogost seems to do this in his writing as well. In one essay, he rants (quite rightly, in my opinion) that “gamification” is a bullshit buzzword, and in another essay on game design he namedrops Heidegger and various postmodernist “thinkers”, which sets off the bullshit detectors of myself and most others, I’d expect.

  10. TimRowledge says:

    mmm, HamsterNom – http://www.sluggy.com

  11. beemoh says:

    I assume we’re all following the Twitter feed@bogost_ebooks:twitter ?

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