Jim Woodring T-shirt: a Boing Boing Shop exclusive!


12 Responses to “Jim Woodring T-shirt: a Boing Boing Shop exclusive!”

  1. royaltrux says:

    Very nice but I’m afraid I’ll catch a guru meditation error if I stare at it too long.

  2. lorq says:

    Holy cow.  That is better than it has any right to be.

  3. Susan Carley Oliver says:

    What are so special about women’s sizes that they have to be 13% more expensive?

  4. penguinchris says:

    I do like this one. Black t-shirts are not my thing though, and I can see that this design really demands to be on black. I think I will take this as an opportunity, then, to remind myself that I wanted to order one of the robot ones.

    @boingboing-4ab52371762b735317125e6446a51e8f:disqus typically this comes from whoever makes the base shirts and it’s somewhat understandable; the shirts are fitted and thus are more difficult to design and to manufacture (as opposed to the more boxy men’s shirts) and when it comes to t-shirts I’ve often found that the women’s version uses fabrics with a nicer feel (I do not know if the fabrics are markedly different in the shirts that BB sells, however).

    If one does want men’s clothing that’s more fitted the price goes way up, same as with women’s stuff – even for simple stuff like t-shirts and polo shirts.

  5. Thad Boyd says:

    Blast!  I love Woodring and this is a great price, but I don’t wear black T-shirts.  I live in a place where it gets up to 115 degrees in the summer; colors that absorb heat are not a good thing.

  6. Call me a grumpy old-fashioned graphic artist, (nee typesetter), but I could never wear this because of the kerning of the lettering.

    Too bad, because everything else about the shirt  is great.

  7. joeposts says:

    Does the baby snapsuit come in XL adult size? Looks comfy.

  8. jeligula says:

    Ooooooh.  Must.  Have.  Although I must say that Werther has a valid point.   That is pretty sloppy in an otherwise cool design.

  9. sdaris says:

    It’s surprising that BoingBoing allowed someone inexperienced with typesetting (and typography) to produce this for them. Regardless, any text would ruin it anyway. If it were this I’d buy it (screenshot):

  10. sean says:

    Please do it in any color except black and without the ugly type and I’ll buy TWO. One to wear, and one to keep in mint condition. Because I’m a collector and that’s the kind of things we collectors do.

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