Man arrested for impersonating a traffic camera

[Video Link] His name is Rémi Gaillard and he's a well-known French prankster. (Via biotv)


  1. He wasn’t doing a very good job of it. Traffic cameras are smaller and usually don’t have feet or run after people. 

    The music on the video was really cool; anyone know who it is?

  2. I think that traffic camera stole a pair of my sunglasses once, then climbed a building, and told me to “deal with it”.

  3. His fun motto is “c’est en faisant n’importe quoi qu’on devient n’importe qui”, which can be roughly translated as “By doing anything you can become anyone”

  4. that was a pretty civilized arrest. didn’t look like he was cuffed, or pepper sprayed, or tackled. he even ran off a bit.

    imagine that here in the US… 

    1. He would be dead in the US. Not just for his confrontations with the police but civilians.

      That said he is a joy to watch.

      1. As a mediocre cyclist who will never get any attention for my ability, that TdF trick would make my year.

    1. Flash photography directed towards drivers at night can reasonably (imho) interpreted as dangerous obstruction of traffic. 

        1. Yes, but usually not the same as normal cameras. If they are visible at all they are mostly red or orange to avoid blinding people.

          The placement can also be more controlled than in this makeshift costume. 

          There’s also the matter that an act of police is possibly dangerous (Like, y’know, putting someone on the street with a light, giving commands to drivers) but outweighed by other benefits.

          I’m not at all saying that the prankster should necessarily be thrown in jail because he interferes with the holy ritual of steering a car, just that the arrest shown doesn’t seem unreasonably unjustified to me. 

    1. Those videos are no where near as funny as Remi. At least in Remi’s you can see the guy. Also, Remi’s departures from the standard road were genius. Credit to those that discovered it, but hardly close to being “more funny”.

  5. I watched his Mario Kart clip before going to work, and it brought a smile to my face all day long.  I came home to watch the clips and was sooooo delighted to see him hopping around in a kangaroo suit!

    But then he started *actually assaulting people* and making messes that other people had to clean up.  At one point he comes up and clobbers a guy from behind.

    Amazing how quickly it stopped being funny once a line was crossed.

  6. Now that’s  one of the funniest and also stupidest things I’ve seen in a while.  Stay out of traffic, kids!  9/10

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