Sweet 24-hour comic about a dangerously moody roommate

Zack sez, "24-hour comics -- comic books written, drawn and finished in 24 hours -- have been around for more than 20 years, but rarely have the results been as polished or charming as 'Darkness,' the 24-hour comic by the French cartoonist Boulet. The tale of a very, very moody roommate, the result is better than many comics the creators had a full month to finish."

This really is funny stuff -- a bit predictable, but fully sweet and extremely well-told.

The Bouletcorp » Darkness:Bouletcor (Thanks, Zack!)


  1. I was so pleased to discover he was getting his stuff translated in english. I think the BB crowd will like some of his other works (oh look).
    Switch to the french version (flag upper left) to see all his stuff!

    He’s also on G+

    edit: added G+ link

  2. I am french, I read Boinboing daily and I follow Boulet’s blog since he starts it. I am very pleased to see him on Boingboing. This comics was drawn during the “24h de la bande dessinée” – 24h of comics book – which happens every year during Angouleme’s Comic book festival – please, visit http://www.24hdelabandedessinee.com for more information or to read all the comic book of 2012.

  3. Wow.  Boulet is stunningly talented – that’s an amazing thing to have whipped up in 24 hours.  Loved it.

  4. Ah, I was going to submitterate this. Saw it yesterday and thought it was fantastic. Typically when I read comics I tend not to look at most of the art, but just end up reading the text. I know I miss a lot this way, but I can’t help it – and as a result I don’t read very many comics (just a few favorite webcomics these days).

    In this case, despite it having really rather messy drawing, I couldn’t not look at the art; it just flows so well with how the story progresses through the text.

    And I don’t think “predictable” is too valid of a criticism here; not that this story’s never been done before in one form or another but the way the whole thing grabs your attention and pulls you through you don’t really have time to try to predict what will happen (up to the point where the final character is introduced, of course).

    1. >In this case, despite it having really rather messy drawing, I couldn’t not look at the art; it just flows so well with how the story progresses through the text.

      I’d think it is either a stylistic choice or a limitation due to the time frame in which it was made, but either way it works and fits wonderfully.

  5. Merci d’avoir partagé ça, Cory. Quel cadeau– quand je faisait les bande dessinées pour mon journal de l’université, j’avait besoin d’un jour juste pour avoir un l’idée!

    I loved the subjective depictions of the characters. I don’t see that device used very much (then again, I don’t read many comics), but its effect here cinches what otherwise would have been a ho-hum story.

  6. Oh, wow.   Tell you what, I’d pay good money to see this sort of thing monthly.  That, and I am staggeringly jealous of this work.  24 hours? Damn.

  7. I liked parts of this, the drama is excellent, but what’s with the promotion of rape culture? “And to make her last defense crumble: a glass of wine!” Also, “Maybe you’re just dating slutty girls,” ugh.

    1. heh. I didn’t even notice because IRL that’s just the kind of skeevy stuff an amazingly large amount of guys say and just the kind of cold distancing things that  women say :/ So it just seemed… realistic.

      Hell I don’t even want to tiptoe around the guys feelings on this one. If I had a nickel for every time a guy around me cracked a joke about getting women drunk so they could have sex with them… and for every time a girl called those women sluts.


    2. c’mon, really? If he had said ” and now to make her defense crumble: 30 mg of Valium in a glass of wine” you’d be on to something. Alcohol, drank in moderation and with consent, is a social lubricant, whether in the arena of Romance, social clubs,  or Business lunches. Perhaps you are perturbed because there wasn’t a panel drawn showing him presenting her with a hook-up informed consent contract. Also, it’s written in France, where people are just not nearly uptight as North Americans. Apparently.

      1. Using language like “defense” regarding sexuality is part of the “war of the sexes” mentality.

        You don’t know about me or what I believe constitutes consent. And it’s bizarre that you would generalise from me, one person from one city in North America, to an entire continent of people.

        It is unsurprising to me that calling out rape culture is deemed “idiotic” and “ridiculous” given that we have a rape culture. Opposing the normalisation of rape and sketchy sexual behaviour is not uptight. You can ad hominem all you want, I’ll continue to oppose rape culture.

    1. What the heck are you talking about? I knew that there would be some sort of comment of that nature, because while BoingBoing is awesome, it is, like all things, imperfect. Really, I often think those sorts of ideological analysis are a stretch (though there are of course instances in which it is actually applicable) to begin with, but your judgement is absolutely insane. And you haven’t even tried to explain it! It’s as if all one need do is make such a pronouncement and it is so. Seek help, and a sense of humor, because you just missed out on an absolutely awesome comic.
      Edit: I realize now what you are referencing ( the wine comment), and I still can’t believe it. If thats all you have to say about the comic… sheesh.

        1. Ok, thank God for that, At least there is only ridiculous such comment. I think someone should invent a sarcasm emoticon, it would really smooth things along on comment pages.

  8. That was awesome and as another poster wrote: Epic. Awesome style, story telling, concepts, metaphors etc… A complete work of art. It was really fantastic.

  9. Heya, does anyone remember this comic posted a pretty long time ago about an artist growing up, and her muse was a gentle winged deer like creature who said “draw here” outside the lines….it was one long vertical panel and just beautifully done, it is still in mind and I’ve been searching for a looooooooong time for it…if you do remember the artist or link please let me know, I’d love to share it with my students! 

  10. Boulet is great, thanks for featuring him! He is such “en phase” with his generation and his humour is priceless.  His full comics are definitely worth buying!! Give it a shot!

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