Dirk Staschke’s first museum exhibition: "creamy and syrupy stacks of sweets, yet, decay and collapse is looming right around the corner"


Inspired by the bountiful Vanitas still-life paintings of 16th-century Northern Europe and the excessive ornamentation of the Baroque period, Dirk Staschke seduces the viewer with his voluptuous organic forms while exploring themes of excess and its effects.

A master ceramicist whose work has been shown internationally, Staschke is best know for his banquet style displays of flora, fauna and food. In Falling Feels a Lot Like Flying, an exhibition specifically created for Bellevue Arts Museum, the artist takes his work to a new scale. Comprised of more than ten large pieces, the exhibition captures the beauty and opulence of a moment in time -- creamy and syrupy stacks of sweets -- yet, decay and collapse is looming right around the corner.

Dirk Staschke's first Museum exhibition March 1 - May 27, 2012, Bellevue Arts Museum in WA


  1. Unlike that kinetic sculpture earlier in the week, this one practically shouts out anatomically explicit detail.

  2. I haven’t seen these works in person, but I have a feeling that this is one of those shows that really ought to be seen in person if possible. The scale of the pieces is quite large, and I believe that in print or onscreen the feeling of seeing them in person is lost – the emotion of scale is simply gone without context. 

    “Confectional Facade”, for example, stands 8.5′ x 4′ x 10″ and is half a console table stacked twice its height in cakes. Onscreen it appears fanciful, witty and unstable. In person, it might seem hazardous, and even threatening, to stand in front of. 

    “No Strings Attached” shows a collection of game all hung from the same nail. On my 20″ screen, it’s about a 3″ tall collection of hearty fare. In person, it’s 4′ x 3′ x 1′ of pig, goose, duck, etc. and it all seems to hang from one nail – about to be dropped to the floor.

    Onscreen the work appears quirky, even though the message is bleak. In a room full of more than 11 pieces at this scale and with this kind of message, it’s bound to be a wholly different experience.

  3. I have seen these in person and eatgrin is right, the scale is absolutely imposing and doesn’t really show in these photos. Definitely check them out in person if you are in the area!

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