"My Favorite Museum Exhibit": The cyclops


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  1. Preston Sturges says:

    Human cyclops babies are pretty common, although I think  they aren’t born alive.   They are common in pathology museums, and some seem to have gone full term before ending up in a jar of formaldehyde.   They seem to all have a little tube nozzle in the forehead, and I’m not sure what that is. Fusion of the eye sockets vary – some are  figure eights but some look like Leela on Futurama. 

    You can see how this sort of thing gave rise to Greek  legends of monsters – someone saw the baby and said “Yikes the father Cyclops must be somewhere nearby!”

  2. Eddie Perkins says:

    It probably looked like this: 

  3. PurpleWyrm says:

    If I recall my cryptozoology correctly, this skull was claimed as being that of a bunyip for a while before being properly identified.

    Edit – Oh derp. It was a different deformed skull that was identified as a bunyip. A lot of misshapen skulls in 19th century Australia it seems…

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