Fine art reimagined with science fiction themes


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  1. what a misleading header: most of the artworks aren’t specifically scifi.. I was dissapointed after the first four and tuned off when I saw teddybear-napoleon…

    Header should have been : “Artists in populair culture look back at the great masters” or somesuch… And that isn’t special at all… 

  2. freshacconci says:

    What Patrick Kanne said.

    Plus, those that are scifi images are basically based on art pieces that are already “science fiction” if not science fiction. Nude Descending a Staircase, No 2 is about automation and the mechanization of the human form already. Making it C3P0 is kind of, well, duh.

  3. Interesting that the Picasso one is nearly the same, with the exception of 3PO’s head. I love the N.C.Wyeth one as well.

  4. Art says:

    Johannes Vermeer’s Lacemaker.  My favorite :)

  5. Camp Freddie says:

    Great but I’m suprised tehre was no Magritte…Ces ne sont pas les droids que vous recherchez(my french might be a little off)

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