HOWTO do Converse fingernail paint

I don't know an awful lot about fingernail painting, but this seems like a pretty straightforward painting task, and the effect is pretty awesome.

Converse Nails (via Super Punch)


  1. Dude, it’s a challenge for most people just to do one solid color that doesn’t look like it was applied by a toddler.

  2. That looks easy, if you’re already able to write the Lord’s prayer on the head of a pin.  For the rest of us, not easy.

  3. Ah, I wish I was younger (much younger) & could pull off wearing this…nevermind having a much steadier hand than now. ;)

  4. The secret of doing your nails:  When you’re painting the non-dominant hand, you keep that hand still and move the hand with the brush.  When you’re painting the dominant hand, you keep the hand with the brush still and move the hand that’s being painted.

  5. Cory, is your daughter sending you links, or are you on some bizarre RSS feed geared to finding the sort of links that would be appreciated by 14 year old girls?

    (And yes, I sent the link for this to MY 14 year old girl.)

    As to why you and Antinous seem to know more about this stuff than a mother of daughters…well, that’s a wondrous thing.

    1. chgoliz, you must discover pinterest!  Put “nails” into the search box, and be delighted by what you find.  I have shaky hands, and I was able to to do candy cane stripes for Christmas without a hitch.

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