Edward Norton and Daria Werbowy launch Prada Phone by LG 3.0


Mr Norton also added: "It was a pleasure collaborating with PRADA and LG, both Global brands with impeccable reputations for being the most innovative and respected in their fields."
How nice of Mr Norton to write that sentence for the press release!


    1. Chloe Sevigny made a good point about this kind of thing. To paraphrase her: It’s better to do an ad to pay the bills than to do a shitty RomCom that will be around forever.

      1. That’s funny.  Until you said that, I never thought of Fight Club as a RomCom, shitty or otherwise.  But there you go.

      2. Pay the bills? More like support an extravagant lifestyle.

        On the money he made on one film you or I could live comfortably for many, many years.

        Fuck Edward Norton. Ed’s polishing the brass on the Titanic. It’s all going down, man.

      3.  If either S. or N. have any trouble paying their bills, with all the money they make, they’re just stupid. So why listen to them ?

      4.  Hell, there are so many movies out there that even though it may be around, no one pays attention to it. Someone asked Michael Caine about Jaws: The Revenge once, and he said, “I have not seen it, although I understand that it’s quite awful. I have, however, seen the house that it bought for me, and it is quite nice.”

  1. I’d like to know what Mr. Jalopy thinks of this.  He’s a fan of Ms. Prada.  Having sold some of their merch I can say it’s probably well made and undoubtedly beautiful.  If it doesn’t have state of the art features and specs, that probably doesn’t matter to their clientele any more than a Morgan driver cares that he hasn’t got world class performance.

    1. No no, you have to go all Beverly Hillbillies on their asses. Prada? “Proud ‘a what?” Don’t mind the craft that goes into Hermes products, just pull out your dogeared Jameson and go to town.

  2. As a straight woman, all I can say that all this add makes me want to do is to have sex with that woman.  No, I don’t want the phone, and Ed Norton-good photoshopping/never liked “Brothers McMuffin”/whatever, but is there any chance I can get that woman to sleep with me?

    I wonder what she’s like in bed.  Although, often times there is no correlation between good looks and boudoir skillz.  Sigh….in retrospect, I guess all that ad makes me want to do is go eat some cake.

    1. Really? I think she looks like a de-shelled tortoise. In fact the ad kind of makes me want to sleep with Edward Norton.

      They really fucked this one up, didn’t they?

      1. What? It really makes me want to take the phone and cram it up my ass like the consumer-whore that I am. 

        And they know it. Just look at their stares and body language. It’s the LG challenge.

        1. Huh? Cram what up where like what? You’re not making any sense Edward. I mean Stu. You’re not making any sense Stu.

  3. This may just be poor photoshopping, but next to Nortan, Werbowy’s eyes seem like they’re sliding off the sides of her face.

    1. That’s The Look.  Since Jackie Kennedy.  Compare to Kate Moss, who’s dominated the supermodel scene for several decades.

  4. So this is the scene in Fight Club before he freaks out and realizes that all of this brand name material crap doesn’t actually make him happy, right?

  5. It looks to me like Norton has mixed feelings about the whole thing.

    edit – whoa, if you clone/flip the left side of his face he looks just like Mark Harmon.

  6.  Hmm. I don’t think this is photoshopped in the sense that the two people were photographed separately and then combined. It’s a very simple yet clearly quite effective lighting setup and all of the details are correct.

    The weird thing is the way Norton is stuck in there, right? I think it’s just weird posing. I mean, look at that awesome grimace on his face – it’s weird posing. I searched for a clearer photo of the phone, and there are a couple of other shots from the same photoshoot out there. It seems legit enough. Or are people thinking the phone is what’s inserted? That’s harder to tell, but it’s certainly not obvious if it is.

    All that aside, I think the phone actually looks pretty good, especially when compared to the design of most android phones.

    1. The photo just looks awkward altogether. I don’t think it’s ‘fake’ either, but it makes me wonder what the idea behind it was (assuming it was a tiny bit more creative than “2 famous people with the phone”).

      Why these two together? They’re not interacting at all. The woman is oddly hovering over his shoulder without touching him, holding the phone in the weirdest way. He’s not acknowledging the woman OR the phone. They don’t even look good together (she makes him look tiny with beady eyes, he makes her look like a grey alien). The ads featuring him and her alone are much better and make more sense.

      I mean, of course it’s ultimately just another trite and superficial advertisement; but if you’re going to be all about surface, you should at least do it properly and have it look good

      1.  Yeah, it’s a really weird pairing and a weird photo. I like it, though, because of the look on Norton’s face. He clearly realized how ridiculous the whole thing was.

    2. I too believe this shot is not a composite (though some retouching has likely been applied) and the crowd’s reaction is mostly due to armchair specialists in every field that seem to inhabit the internet in large numbers.

      This is not a shoop people. Calm down. Terrible pose – yes. Bad photoshop – no.

      Re: the phone – It looks like an LG Optimus Black with a Prada logo. Anyone who flushes money on this thing is an idiot.

  7. Wait, two really pretty people want me to buy an expensive  luxury item that I don’t need? My world has been shaken to it’s core!

    1.  Ross, my image of you is in tatters.  A necktie?  I always imagined you with a soldering iron and a half-burnt-off mustache, toiling away in the basement.  :)

      1.  Not only that, the knot is way over to the right, and the dimple way over to the left! That’s a half-windsor, baby. The domain of high-school debate teams and junior execs. If it ain’t symmetrical, don’t respectrical, man.

      2. Stubble, actually and the singe is growing out.  I used to work at Saks in Menswear and we had Prada neckties.  They were fantastic.  Like dark eggplant color sparsely flecked with infinitesimal gold specks. And odd light-absorbing textures that looked the same from any angle. The opposite of flashy but a quality look.  I never bought one because I’m more of a Ferragamo guy but boy, were they cool.

  8. Echoes of Sting peddling Motorola in his Jaguar, which coincided with the exact moment when Mr Sumner shed his last fleck of street cred.

  9. I’m not sure I understand the criticism.  Since when is it frowned upon for a movie star to peddle his celebrity by endorsing a sponsor’s products?


    1. Every week I wait for the sponsor SHOOT-OUT.  Every week, hopeful, every week, disappointed.  I’ll just say, Prada vs. Watchismo would not be a bad place to start.

    2. Incidentally, this phone would go great with one of those $1,000 Watchismo watches that Rob is genuinely excited to recommend every so often ;-).

    3. I see your *Watchismo* and raise you one PH artichoke pendant lamp available at Hive for $8000+.  You gotta love whoever is doing BB’s ad sales.  I can see them saying, “Oh, mos def, are readers spend a minimum of 1 G large on lighting treatments, I mean as long as the design is Scandinavian, or even-sniff-Italian.”


      I wish I could spend 8K on that light.

  10. I’d like to see Mark Cross or Ferragamo do a phone.  Maybe they already have.  Something classic and understated.  I worked for B&O when their first, $900 cell phone came out.  People practically swooned.  It was pretty outstanding for its day.

  11. I’m confused. Why are people all snarky about this? Celebrities do this all the time and LG has been making Prada phones since 2007. The last models weren’t even particularly expensive. This one looks like it’ll be free with a contract at least in the UK.

    This one is an Android phone that apparently will run Ice Cream Sandwich, an 8 megapixel camera that’ll shoot 1080p and a dual-core OMAP4430 1GHz. It has a nice sharp display (LG makes the displays for the iPhone last I checked) and it looks aesthetically pleasing.

    I’m personally an iPhone person, but I swear I didn’t expect Boing Boing to be so full of haters.

    1. I think the original point is more specific.

      Those two are as likely to have designed that phone as Ed Norton is to have written “It was a pleasure collaborating with PRADA and LG, both Global brands with impeccable reputations for being the most innovative and respected in their fields.”

    2.  Well, you know how it is; so many people who insist that they’d never be whores for corporate America like this (that, incidentally, is a phrase I first heard applied, in the letters page of Rolling Stone, to Lou Reed, of all people, because he did like one ad for Honda scooters). Me, I’d be more than happy to take one for the team if I were offered the chance to do this, and by “the team” I mean “me and my checking account, and all you haters can suck it.”

    3. I’m snarky about it because my world doesn’t have ads or luxury-branded products in it. My eyes just sort of slide away from them, and the last time I watched a show on TV instead of the ‘net was many years ago. This is what the hoi polloi get up to?

      Wait, I haven’t snarked yet. Snark snark snark snark, snark snark.

  12. I’m weighing in on the side of alien.  Her left eye is literally as big as Ed Norton’s mouth.  Nobody would do that in post on purpose.

    1. I did too. Its comforting to know what phones are fashionable.

      Im grateful that I can make a purchase thats part of something involving two impeccable brands like LG and Prada, along with stars like Ed Norton and that Darla Weboby

  13. “Two global brands, each impeccable in their field. PRADA, the field of shoes. LG, the field of electronic rectangles. Your powers combine, to make me so rich. I mean, to make this phone so good.”

  14. It’s the accessories that purchasers  will be mining the internet for.  Edward Norton, really? Boy, was I ever fooled. 

  15. Any time I see ads like these, I have Bill Hicks in my head. “You are off the artistic roll call forever, everything you say is suspect……….”

  16. Ed Norton has the look of a 14-year-old boy who’s been ordered by mum to, “Sit still so I can take a nice photo of you and your sister”.

    Not that I think Ed is doing anything wrong. I think if someone offered me a load of cash to appear in some shitty advert, I’d take the money too.
    The fact that the press statement is so obviously transparent makes is a bonus. I’m pretty sure no-one will think that Ed actually thinks this.

    I especially like the way that global has been capitalised.
    Unless LG and Prada are both owned by a mega-corp called Global, in which case the joke’s on me I guess.

  17. Ed must be trying not to transform into the Hulk.  That would explain the look on his face.  I’m not sure about the look on Daria’s face.  Maybe she is wondering why they couldn’t find someone who’s closer to her 5′ 11″ height.

  18. the ad should be honest and read…yes, you too can be a 1%er !
    well, not really.
    but you can pretend.
    with domestication comes a price.

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