On this day in 197A

A rundown of one week in British music history, courtesy of "Top of the Pops", via Charlie Brooker.


  1. lols.

    But seriously, I love everything about the original top-of-the-pops.  That jingle during the countdown, the fact that they actually tell you the chart positions – rather than leak them out over an hour with a final ‘reveal’.  Which brings me onto a sour point, I really hate this American trend that’s seeped into British television like a disease – forcing suspense into EVERYTHING – it’s …

    … royally irksome.

  2. Has anyone really looked at this? I don’t recall any of these names as from the 70’s and “Kokonut Klub” has a bunch of Ku Klux Klansman playing piano. Surely these are all made up names and acts.

  3. Van Smooth, Roy Who Sings… I think Vivian Stanshell and/or the Bonzo Dog Band had something to do with this.

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