Petition to uncloak secret copyright treaty

A welcome White House petition for our American readers' consideration: a request to make the Trans-Pacific Partnership treaty negotiation more transparent. This bland-sounding treaty is, in fact, the successor to ACTA, negotiated in the strictest secrecy. A recent leak from the TPP smoke-filled rooms revealed that negotiators are considering regulating incidental copies made in buffers, a deep foray by regulatory fantasy into engineering reality. (via Techdirt)


  1. Lots of people are getting worked up over ACTA. The TPP is much, much worse. It’s not exactly a successor to ACTA. It’s more like a new, darker chapter in the history of American trade agreements, which most Americans couldn’t care less about because mostly they only screw over poor people and help them die from AIDS.

    Forget about MegaUpload. Do you care about access to generic medicines? It’s a bit more important.

    1. It is a stalking horse, “if you don’t give us what we want, we’ll ask for something worse,” strategy. Textbook bullying.

  2. Yes, TPP (or TPPA) is much worse than ACTA. But if we kill ACTA then it is much easier and more likely that we will kill TPP. So, we have to work on both.

  3. BTW, I couldn’t sign the petition using either Chrome or Firefox.  I had to go in through IE – ugh :-(

      1. I haven’t been able to get it to work with Chrome 18 on Lion.   It does seem to work with Firefox.   It’s really a pretty badly broken web site—almost as if they really don’t *want* us to sign these petitions…

  4. I got in fine w/FF, but the site is re-a-ally slow, so maybe other folks’ successes/failures were somewhat coincidental.
       But I have to ask, even allowing for slowness, I signed this a couple days ago – how the heck does it only have 672 signatures so far?!?

  5. I had to click sign-in, there was nowhere to sign-in, click “forgot password”, go to a 404 not found page, use back on my browser (Chrome 16.0.912.77 m), and click sign-in again. Then I was allowed to sign in. Of course, I had to go back to my email to find my password because lastpass doesn’t pick it up.


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