Planktonauts: Connett's odd acrylic teeming scene of micro-life

Today in the Boing Boing Flickr Pool, "Planktonauts," by Robert Steven Connett, who notes, "This is a direction that I feel very comfortable with. Very enjoyable to create. I’m happy with the results. I hope to do many more similar paintings in the months to come."



5 Responses to “Planktonauts: Connett's odd acrylic teeming scene of micro-life”

  1. Lissamphibia says:

    Nice belostomatid! Kinda funny to see a relatively “real” bug in there with the crazy hybrid creatures. :)

  2. Jonas Hedman says:


  3. pimlottc says:

    Looks like the cover of Orbital’s album In Sides.

  4. L_Mariachi says:

    Beautiful, reminds me of Ernst Haeckel.

  5. Qspa says:

    wow, i love this style so much.

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