Stop-motion film about an entomologist's nightmare

Stop-motion film about an entomologist's nightmare

MikeyP sez, "Filmmaker friends of mine have a lovely melancholy stop-motion film (about a tiny entymologist with a lightbulb for a head) they're hoping to get into the Australian short film festival Tropfest via the audience vote.If you have a second, and feel so inclined, pray click the link, scroll to the right to find 'Re-Collection',* and if you like the film, please vote for it. Even if you choose not to vote for my friends, Tropfest is worth checking out if you like short films. I think all of the finalists' films are viewable from the Tropfest YouTube channel. It's a good festival. * Or you can use the search box. Yes, Tropfest's system is a bit convoluted, and yes, it probably favours the first films in the list. But that's how it is."

TROPFEST's Channel - YouTube (Thanks, MikeyP!)


    1. I’m glad you like it! I think they did a good job.

      re voting: yeah, it’s not a very intuitive system. You have to click on the link at the bottom of the post to get to the Tropfest channel – there’s nowhere to vote if you click the direct link to the film.

      Once there, you have to click the ‘VOTE’ tab up the top, then use the arrow tabs at the side of the film player to scroll through the films. Once at the film you want, you vote by clicking the ‘Like’ button.

      Methinks they could have made it simpler, but that’s how it works this time around.

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