Ganstagrass: world premiere of hip-hop/bluegrass video for "Gunslinging Rambler"

Rench sez, "The previously BoingBoinged bluegrass hip-hop band Gangstagrass shares an exclusive premiere of their live video for 'Gunslinging Rambler featuring R-SON' - showing that this has gone way beyond a mash-up. Witness rapper, dj, and bluegrass band rocking the stage together at one of their face-melting shows in Brooklyn. We are offering the first peek at this to BoingBoing as a world premiere!"

I'm a great fan of this stuff. Gangstagrass performs exactly the kind of bluegrass music I favor and exactly the kind of hip-hop I favor, and seems to have discovered the alchemical secret of mixing the two perfectly.

Gangstagrass: Gunslinging Rambler featuring R-SON live at Southpaw (Thanks, Rench!)


    1. Not mutually exclusive tastes.
      Also, are you really saying BB doesn’t cover Die Antwoord enough?

  1. Oh awesome, awful bluegrass and awful rap coming together to form something worse than either.

    1. Bah! Bunch of musical hipsters and curmudgeons. The concept is novel and this song is awesome. I look forward to hearing more.

  2. Laughed at the reference to Led Zeppelin. 

    Not the best bluegrass, and I am no judge of hip hop/rap, but I am pleased that somebody is doing it!

    Too bad about the cranky people.

  3. To enjoy music, I need to identify with it some, even just a little.  There have been times in my life when I’ve identified with Hip-hop.  And other times I’ve identified with bluegrass.  But this music just doesn’t fit into me, no matter which way I turn it.

  4. Musical version of green tea ice cream. Not to everybody’s taste, but for some people,  it’s unexpectedly awesome. Most of the bluegrass musicians I know, when I played their album for them, just started laughing in enjoyment and glee…

  5. Proof there’s always something for everyone’s tastes. I am a big fan of the “bang and twang” of Gangstagrass and T.O.N.E.-z

  6. I love Gangstagrass. No, it’s not for everyone. Jim called it a “musical version of green tea ice cream,” which is accurate. Most of the criticisms I’ve read here are weak. Might as well have just said, “I don’t care for this style of music,” instead of wasting time with their pseudo-Bohemian shenanigans.

  7. Adam Warrock has created a great album, mashing up his own rap with samples of the bluegrass score from Firefly.  Here’s a teaser for the album – it’s the first half that showcases the mood of the album (not sure why I can’t find the “Firefly” cut online). It definitely falls in the gangstagrass genre.  Here’s the entire album. Love love love.

  8. You know, I was always told that I had strange musical taste.  I am becoming a fan of Die Antwoord and now… I have a new genre to add to my strange taste.  Boing Boing never lets me down on this….

  9. I am going to send this off to my wife’s uncle who did actually play with Bill Monroe.  Not sure it he will talk to me again, though he did fiddle with the Stones many years ago.

  10. This is so cool. I wish I could see these guys live, but video is the next best thing. I’m going to get the album for sure.

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