Gweek 038: Puzzlejuice Pigs


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  1. Mujokan says:

    Pleased enough to recognize the pic as

  2. Stefan Jones says:

    Looking forward to it.

    For playing D&D by skype, it would be cool to have a distributed secure app which players could log into, and which would simulate die rolls. You pick a die type from a menu, select the number to roll, and hit a button to start. Everyone logged in would see the result.

    I’m listening to Gweek 36 right now!

  3. Not seeing it in the iTunes podcast list despite a refresh?

  4. Dallas McNally says:

    We’ve been recording our AD&D-over-Google+-Hangout games:

    There is a community of people called Constantcon who play drop-in D&D over Google+ Hangouts:

    If you start connecting with RPG players in Google+ then you will also see many spontaneous proposals for Hangout games.

    @Stefan Jones – There are chat rooms that support dice rolls (e.g. the chat) but nothing compares to actually rolling a die. We just trust each other.

  5. David Aked says:

    I play remote D&D with a few people (I GM it).  I have players all over Australia.  (From Perth, to Sydney to coastal remote areas and myself in the nations capital of Canberra)  May I recommend a FREE tool that I use?  Maptool.  Google it.  It’s a method of creating map boards, dice rolls, battle maps the lot.  It’s not just D&D.  It’s open enough to support almost any game (GURPS, D&D 1st ed right through 4th ed).  Further, it’s relatively low bandwidth, so good for those players that are in remote dialup places (YES..  It is possible to use on dialup and have a good result)

    I am NOT involved with the creation nor do I gain any profits from this tool in any way.  I’m just a DM who uses this tool and Ventrilo to run my games and I have found it fantastic.  My players love it.  From advanced players to the novice 1st game ever player.

    We don’t use the dice roller built into the game (That can even support you putting all your +’s and -’s in and it will calculate it for you.  You can send it a 5d6+5 and it will give the final result).  We just like the rattle of dice.  Besides, when you have some nice hematite dice, you gotta use them.  :P

    No doubt lots of other tools exist.  This works for me and I find it easy to use.

  6. Gayle Turner says:

    My husband and his siblings play D&D using GoToMeeting. It has video conferencing that lets you show 6 webcams at the same time. Plus, it has screen sharing so you can put a map on your screen and then everyone can draw on it. 

  7. David Aked says:

    Very amused that the comments have zero’d in on D&D.  I think you may have to do more discussions on how your ‘remote gaming’ went.

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