"I've robbed the rainbow to make you gay"

If Rick Santorum can apprehend the rainbow robber, all his problems will be solved.


  1. I’ve always wondered when someone would uncover the real homosexual agenda. (Incidentally, in case you’re wondering, the jester costumes come back during the first Maddow Administration.) 

    1.  My mother made me a homosexual, and if you get her the yarn she can make you one too.

      (no you have to saw it with a drawl…)

  2. If Rick Santorum would just have sex with a Man, all his problems would be solved. If he’d just have sex with a moving train, at least one of our problems would be.

    1. How about sex with a man on a moving train?

      I one time heard a rant from some anti gay preacher on the Focus on the Family radio show talking all about how great gay male sex was and how women are probably more compatible with women. It’s almost like he was saying Teh Ghey is so awesome we’d all be doin’ it unless we were obedient to the word of God.

      Seriously? I’ve made a couple of forays that direction during threeways with bi couples. I was not converted And why does this speaker think Teh Ghey is so menacingly awesome? I do not say this as a joke. This man has my deepest sympathies as it seems that he is deeply conflicted and missing out on what he really wants.

      I don’t think Santorum is a closet case. Pretty sure he’s just a regular jerk. 

  3. So, with her shoes I had assumed that she already had her full quota of rainbows. I guess you can’ t be too gay.

    1. Those are some pretty telling shoes, although with that outfit and hairstyle she wouldn’t be pinging my gaydar.  Even with the shoes.  I might think she borrowed them from her lesbian roommate.  ;)

      1.  What’s gay or straight about shoes?  Aren’t straight girls allowed to wear comfortable shoes?

        1.  If you think that making shoes comfortable makes them gay, you’ve been skipping class.

        2. Anyone can wear any shoes they like, but straight girls who wear lesbianish shoes might get mistaken for gay.  Which, you know, is sort of not the end of the world.  Gay people get mistaken for straight all the time.  

          Instead of “shoes” feel free to insert “hairstyles” or “rainbow stickers” or whatever into your question and see if it makes more sense…

          Today, I am wearing khaki colored denim pants (neutral) a men’s blue button-down shirt (kinda lesbian) with a blue argyle sweater-vest (pretty lesbian), brown leather shoes (very lesbian), thick-rimmed brown glasses (sorta lesbian), short hair that’s very short on the sides and less so on the top and asymmetrical (omg lesbian), six cartilage piercings in my left ear with rainbow-colored gemstone beads (gay gay gay), a rainbow ear cuff and conch piercing in the right (gay gay gay gay gay) and a left-eyebrow barbell (quite lesbian). 

          Wow, today I look extra specially gay…  didn’t even realize, this is just what I wear to work.  

          Feel free to wear anything on that list, but if you wear everything on that list (other than the pants) people will think you’re a lesbian. Unless you’re obviously a man, in which case you’ll just be sorta preppy with a weird hairstyle, I guess?  Anyway, being mistaken for gay because you’re wearing gay shoes or a gay haircut is only really a problem if you have a problem with gay people…  

      2. FWIW as a straight male, I find shoes like that (and menswear-inspired clothes in general) to be rather attractive on girls. The sweater (or jumper) here and the haircut are a bit dorky, though.

        But, that preppy pleated skirt with a well-fitting (slightly loose) but men’s styled striped oxford shirt, thick-frame glasses and those shoes… very nice on a girl.

  4. The conservatives were right, it is all a conspiracy to make us gay.  Who knew that was what all those rainbow flags were for.

  5. Famous washroom graffiti dialogue:

    “My mother made me a homosexual.”

    “If I get her the wool, will she make me one too?”

  6. Huh. Dude looks a bit like Sean Connery.  But “James Bond” would never wear anything as gay as… OMG! Zardoz! http://photobucket.com/images/zardoz/

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