When Listerine made cigarettes


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  1. PhosPhorious says:

    Is this supposed to provide protection against smoker’s breath?  Because that would make some kind of sense. . .  I guess. . .

  2. Navin_Johnson says:

    Seems like the same kind of twisted brain that conjured up menthol cigarettes.

  3. petertrepan says:

    When it burns your lungs, that’s how you know it’s working!

  4. Deidzoeb says:

    For a minute I thought it was Listerine that made the “feminine odor” ad from the fifties, but that was Lysol. What a relief. Cuz I’m thinkin “Honey, why does the mouthwash taste so funny?”


  5. chris rogers says:

    man, Spicy Cajun Visine Hot Sauce would be really rough if used for either one…..

  6. Matto says:

    This still happens. In India there is a company that makes chewing tobacco and mouthwash. They were recently caught up in a controversy in Australia where they had advertising material at Australian Cricket matches that were broadcast in both Australia and India, although there is a ban on advertising tobacco products on Australian TV. Not many Australians noticed because the signs were in Hindi, however the company claims that they were advertising the mouthwash. It’s a bit like if Marlboro also sold chewing gum and had ads everywhere saying “Celebrity X enjoys Marlboro!”.  

  7. magister418 says:

    i knew a cute charming mongolian girl who used minty eye drops. that freaked me the hell out.


  8. magister418 says:

    i tried them (the drops). they do in fact sting. but after the sting, it does have a somewhat refreshing feeling too.

  9. ryane says:

    A lot of my friends love sricha.   I do too.  However, when they say it makes everything better, I usually reply with  “except contact lens solution”.

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