When Listerine made cigarettes

A long-lost brand, and singularly odd one. Like discovering Spicy Cajun Visine Hot Sauce lurking in the product's history.

listerine cigarettes.....


  1. Is this supposed to provide protection against smoker’s breath?  Because that would make some kind of sense. . .  I guess. . .

  2. This still happens. In India there is a company that makes chewing tobacco and mouthwash. They were recently caught up in a controversy in Australia where they had advertising material at Australian Cricket matches that were broadcast in both Australia and India, although there is a ban on advertising tobacco products on Australian TV. Not many Australians noticed because the signs were in Hindi, however the company claims that they were advertising the mouthwash. It’s a bit like if Marlboro also sold chewing gum and had ads everywhere saying “Celebrity X enjoys Marlboro!”.  

  3. i tried them (the drops). they do in fact sting. but after the sting, it does have a somewhat refreshing feeling too.

  4. A lot of my friends love sricha.   I do too.  However, when they say it makes everything better, I usually reply with  “except contact lens solution”.

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