Building a better spaceuit


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  1. Guest says:

    I believe it has a mass of 310 lbs, surely, but it doesn’t ‘weigh‘ anything. 

  2. artbyjcm says:

    Picture proves we are one step closer to Mass Effect style space clothing.

  3. echolocate chocolate says:

     That photo of Prof. Newman is RAD. She clearly already lives in the future.

  4. DevinC says:

    What kind of space suit do moon Nazis wear?  

  5. Teller says:

    Very impressive.

  6. voiceinthedistance says:

    They don’t make aerospace engineers like they used to!

  7. An Infinitude of Tortoises says:

    All dressed up and nowhere to go….

  8. Toxa says:

    Maneuverable suits remind me of this Brazilian song:

    “The moon, with such gravity where men float, deserved the visit not of military but of ballet dancers, and of you and me.”

    How cool it would be if the Chinese listen to that!

  9. eldritch says:

    Eff that noise. Powered exoskeletons all the way.

  10. pjcamp says:

    Better spacesuits come with “headlights?”

  11. Pat Donovan says:

    My dad was one of the engineers on this project  at IL in the 60s…they had a mixed bag of folks, Brooklyn tailors, Advanced Institute topologists, scientists who refused to wear shoes,  Military generals, experimental machinists…they even had a resident bongo drum player.
    This was a million years ago, so i guess it’s okay to say…but more than a few brides went down the aisle wearing the scrapped materials! We were just kids but i remember meeting a lot of these folks…and one thing i know is that they LOVED their work, were super excited and were wicked good on slide rules!  The first time i ever saw my Dad cry was as he watched that landing.

  12. stephenhill77 says:

    Might those gyroscopically stabilized suits have applications for physical therapies on ye olde earth?

    • siloxane says:

      Interesting idea. They actually already do have handheld gyroscopic devices (for example, the Powerball) which are claimed to have various therapeutic effects.

  13. Unanimous Cowherd says:

    Appropo of this, design students at the University of Minnesota are hard at work on a new space suit in the College of Design class “Apparel Design Studio IV”. They are working on incorporating control and feedback features into the suit, using electronics in the material, along with the regular protective features. They will present their design to NASA later this year. There’s a good write up here:

  14. benher says:

    In the Universal Century, we call them normal suits. Mine will be pink like Char Aznable’s. 

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